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Mathila is one of Dominus Thrax's courtiers within the kingdom of Duviri, serving an unspecified role. She is the focal point of the Joy Spiral in Duviri. Mathila is voiced by Sara Secora.

Idle quotes

During non-Joy Spirals, Mathila can be found at Mathila's Farm, leaning on the porch of her farmhouse. These are quotes she says when the Drifter is nearby.

"We've all experienced unpleasantness, but that's no reason to dwell upon it! Chin up!"

"I know, I know, the Dax are bullies and the weather is apocalyptic. But at least no one's died! Today."

"People need to understand that unhappiness is a choice! A little exercise sees me right as rain!"

"A smile is like a yawn. Someone does it and pretty soon you're doing it yourself."

"People complain about Thrax doing this horrible thing, or that horrible thing. But what about all the good? It's never boring! [laughs] Have they stopped to think of that?"

"Nothing puts one's woes in perspective like helping people who REALLY need it! People with REAL worries."

"Yes yes I know being persecuted can be difficult, but try living with someone who won't stop going on about it. Positive thinking! That's the way!"

"People are so keen to write me off. [laughs] As if I don't have the hardest job of any of us."

"I always swear I will not indulge in that horrid… wyrm behaviour… but I just get so very, very, very happy."

"If you're at a loose end, you can always help Koral take care of her animal friends."

"You certainly make old Teshin happy. Perhaps one day he'll even tell you that himself."

The Harbinger of Joy

During Joy Spirals in Duviri, the Drifter has the opportunity to play through the tale of the Harbinger of Joy, centring on Mathila, as part of the Tales of Duviri. These dialogue lines are narrated by Euleria Entrati.

(introduction) Euleria Entrati: "When happy Mathila wanted to see nothing but happiness wherever she went, it soon caused problems."

(introduction) Euleria Entrati: "Unfortunately, Mathila was convinced she knew what would make people happy better than they did."

(first stage) Euleria Entrati: "To the Happy mind, all things seem simple. Problems could be solved simply by making them go away."

(first stage) Euleria Entrati: "Like a child hiding its face in play, Mathila hid from the truth. Nothing but joy mattered."

(second stage) Euleria Entrati: "Why could other people not simply be as Happy as Mathila was? Why did they have to be so difficult?"

(second stage) Euleria Entrati: "Mathila did not understand that you cannot bring Happiness to the world by making unhappiness a crime."

(third stage) Euleria Entrati: "If she doubted, she hid it. Her failures merely made her more determined to succeed."

(third stage) Euleria Entrati: "Mathila's plans were failing, but she put a brave face on it. With a whistle, she went back to work."

(fourth stage) Euleria Entrati: "Mathila embraced optimism with the zeal of a fanatic. Her plan would work. Duviri would be Happy."

(fourth stage) Euleria Entrati: "Mathila understood that one sometimes has to be cruel to be kind. If happiness required force, so be it."

(fifth stage) Euleria Entrati: "Now no rational person could look upon this chaos and feel Happiness. So Mathila abandoned rationality."

(fifth stage) Euleria Entrati: "Joy and madness are both known to laugh aloud. Mathila leapt from one into the embrace of the other."

(when the Orowyrm appears) Euleria Entrati: "Happiness becomes a dragon when you allow it to master you. The indulgent, the cowardly, the indolent… to whose skirts do they cling?"

Joy Spiral

As the Drifter plays through the Joy Spiral, Mathila will give dialogue when they approach their main objectives, as well as at the beginning and end of the Spiral.

(Spiral start) Mathila: "There's no excuse for negativity in this wonderful kingdom. I think someone like you wants to be part of the solution, and I'm happy to say I can help."

(Spiral start) Mathila: "You can't dwell on your woes forever! It's time to spread some positivity for a change. Oh, don't worry. I'm on this journey with you."

(Assemble the shrine) Mathila: "Someone's left that shrine in disrepair. It doesn't matter who. If you truly want to be happy, you need to be the bigger person and mend it."

(Assemble the shrine) Mathila: "That shrine's broken. The easy thing to do would be to let someone else fix it. But that wouldn't make you happy."

(Defeat the Dax) Mathila: "The Dax hurt you. Give yourself permission to hurt them back. It's what you need."

(Defeat the Dax) Mathila: "Either you keep stewing over your grudges against the King's Dax, or you channel that energy into something positive. It's up to you!"

(Defeat the Dax guarding the treasure) Mathila: "Sometimes joy is there for the taking, and sometimes nasty surprises lie in wait. You need to learn the difference. Not for me; for yourself."

(Defeat the Dax guarding the treasure) Mathila: "Find out what's inside this chest, and as you do, ask yourself: what painful truths am I locking up inside my own wounded soul?"

(Energise the shrine) Mathila: "I think some simple little challenges will perk you right up. Ouu, why not have a go at this Royal Maze?"

(Energise the shrine) Mathila: "Royal Mazes teach independence and build character! Don't give up! Keep trying!"

(Enter the Undercroft) Mathila: "I foresee your life journey taking you into the Undercroft. Don't dwell on the choices that led you there. Just be in the moment, and act mindfully."

(Enter the Undercroft) Mathila: "The Undercroft is a source of unbridled negativity. We are about joy and nothing but joy. So your path is clear, isn't it?"

(Enter the Undercroft) Mathila: "The Undercroft is a messy, chaotic place, and you will need to work SO hard to keep it together in there, oh but I believe in you. You've got this!"

(Enter the Undercroft) Mathila: "It's time for you to descend into the Undercroft and to make things right. It may not be what you want, but it IS what you need."

(Find all lost belongings) Mathila: "Oh, um, some sentimental old items of mine have turned up in one of the caves. Would you be a dear and gather them? I'm not quite up for it."

(Find all lost belongings) Mathila: "We need to keep things where they belong! And is a mucky, nasty cave any place for precious items? It assuredly is not!"

(Find the hidden chest) Mathila: "You won't be happy until you can stand on your own two feet. Something's hidden nearby. YOU are going to find it. By yourself."

(Find the hidden chest) Mathila: "This challenge requires patience. Persistence. Oh, and just a little pinch of perspective."

(Guide your reflection into the light) Mathila: "Dearest, you've a friend calling from the other side! What fun! Attend to the mirror, and do enjoy yourself."

(Guide your reflection into the light) Mathila: "Now, one never turns aside a friendly hand. A dear friend is calling to you from beyond the mirror. Do the polite thing."

(Herd the Tamms) Mathila: "Oh, Barris, have you let the Tamms out again? He takes his responsibilities SO seriously. I'm sure he wouldn't mind you helping him out, this once."

(Herd the Tamms) Mathila: "Look, Tamms running wild. They'd be happier in the safety of a pen, and in their hearts they know it. So you can round them up with a clear conscience."

(Kill the mounted Dax) Mathila: "Dax Officers are meant to set a good example for the rest of us. This one needs to be punished. Think how happy she'll be when she's learned her lesson!"

(Kill the mounted Dax) Mathila: "I cannot abide a bully, especially not a bully in uniform. Teach that Dax Officer not to push the little people around."

(Open the chest and defeat its guardian) Mathila: "One can't keep a Krubie and never let it bite. Oh, I suppose I'd better let you off your leash, shouldn't I? Find the bad man and take the goodies."

(Open the chest and defeat its guardian) Mathila: "Today, you fight miscreants and claim your reward! Oh, life is a glorious adventure. I do hope you understand."

(Purge the darkened areas of Liminus) Mathila: "Not everyone is strong enough to confront the darkness within. Are you going to keep putting it off, or are you going to take action?"

(Purge the darkened areas of Liminus) Mathila: "It's time for you to face the shadows – oh, but don't be afraid. Everything is joy! You just have to be strong enough to see it."

(Race through the gates) Mathila: "Think how lucky you are! You get to ride free across beautiful Duviri! Maybe a race would help you keep that in mind?"

(Race through the gates) Mathila: "Your pain doesn't make you special, you know. What you need is a little exercise! Take that kaithe of yours for a run!"

(Reconnect the power lines) Mathila: "A broken-down generator. What a useful metaphor for the isolated soul! Reconnect it, and reconnect the currents of your own heart."

(Reconnect the power lines) Mathila: "I can tell you want to be useful to the Duviri community, and fixing that generator would be a wonderful use of your time."

(Stay close to the prisoner to free them) Mathila: "I know the King never makes mistakes, but his officials are only human. They're holding an innocent man. I know you'll do the right thing."

(Stay close to the prisoner to free them) Mathila: "Maybe helping people who are REALLY suffering would put your woes in perspective? Oh, maybe you could find time to rescue a condemned man?"

(after completing the Spiral's tasks) Mathila (holding her head and shaking): "I tried! So help me, I tried! I have all this JOY in my SOUL and yet when I try to SHARE IT, NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW! [laughing madly] WELL, TRY IGNORING ME NOW!" [laughing madly]

(after completing the Spiral's tasks) Mathila (holding her head and shaking): "I get it! I do! You all want Happiness, but none of you wants to put in the work! DO YOU THINK THIS BEAUTIFUL LIGHT IN MY HEART [laughs] JUST GOT THERE BY ITSELF? DO YOU??" [laughing madly]

Mathila appears very briefly in Orowyrm form at the end of The Duviri Paradox, and has additional dialogue in the Orowyrm fight at the conclusion of the Joy Spiral. Mathila is mentioned in the dialogue of Acrithis, Barris, Brimon, and Koral, and in the Lost Islands fragments. Her name also appears in Luscinia's song.

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