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Dax Mallei are male heavy infantry in the Dax regiments of Dominus Thrax in the kingdom of Duviri. They wield the Sampotes hammer and can often be found, usually singly, as a part of Dax patrols. Dax Mallei are voiced by Tim Harris.

Below are listed the dialogue lines said by the Dax Malleus in Duviri. Note that these dialogue lines are not subtitled, so syntax is approximate. If you have a comment regarding the transcription of these lines, please contact the Curator.


"Smash. Kill. Paradise."

"Is quiet. No like."

"Peasants give tribute. Peasants smart."

"Is execution time yet?"

"I heavy infantry. I crush my foes."

"Me have hammer, and everything look like nail."

"Always watching."

"Meat for dinner."

When spotting the Drifter


"I see you!"

"Found you."

"Thought you could run, huh?"

"They here!"

"Over here."


"You no get away!"

"Come here, you!"

"Should have kept your place!"

"You, stop!"

"Now it over."

When engaging the Drifter



"Easy to kill."

"Enjoy pain."

"Know your place, bug!"

"For the King."


"You no King!"

"Lay down. Die!"

"Give up!"

"No struggle. Just die!"

"We'll crush you."

When casting Special Ability

"Smashy smash!"

"Mess you up!"

"Burst head!"

"Crack open!"

"Break your bones!"

"For my King!"

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