Dax Herald Dialogue

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Dax Heralds are male spearmen in the Dax regiments of Dominus Thrax in the kingdom of Duviri. They wield the Edun polearm and can often be found as the main component of Dax patrols or guard posts. Dax Heralds are voiced by Torian Brackett.


"I am the monk, protector of Thrax's brave warriors. I wield magic."

"Beneath my banner, my friends are unstoppable."

"Through my hands, I channel healing and death."

"We must be wise, for our foes are stupid."

"There is wisdom in obedience."

"Let us bring the wisdom of Thrax to more people."

"Because we do not see our foe, does not mean he is not present."

"Silence. I like to contemplate the universe at such times."

When spotting the Drifter


"I see them!"

"My magic has revealed them!"

"Halt, dissenter!"

"Thrax has revealed them to me!"

"Halt, imposter! Receive your judgement!"

"Halt in the King's name!"

"You may not flee fate, fool!"

"You are discovered, villain!"

"They are revealed!"


"Yes! Flee! But to no avail, imposter!"

When engaging the Drifter

"This one is beneath us! Enough!"

"To my banner, comrades!"

"Together, none may stand against us!"

"I shall bring this rowdy cur to heel!"

"For the King!"

"Prepare to be humbled, imposter!"

"What you began, I shall end!"

"The power of Thrax shall humble you!"

"Death has no dominion for the loyal!"

"Make your peace, vagrant!"

"Your end is at hand!"

"We have had our fun. Time to end this!"

When casting Special Ability


"Stand strong!"





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