Dax Arcus Dialogue

Dax Arcus are female archers in the Dax regiments of Dominus Thrax in the kingdom of Duviri. They wield the Cinta bow and can often be found as a part of Dax patrols or guard posts. Dax Arcus are voiced by Sara Secora.

Below are listed the dialogue lines said by the Dax Arcus in Duviri. Note that these dialogue lines are not subtitled, so syntax is approximate. If you have a comment regarding the transcription of these lines, please contact the Curator.


[sigh] "No quarry in sight."

"I hate quiet patrols."

"Sad King means rain. Rain means damp bowstrings."

"The wind can tell you much."

"I can skewer a hawk at 300 paces."

"I was born the day my father placed a bow in my hand."

"I rain justice upon the King's enemies."

"You can no more flee my arrows than you can outrun death itself!"

When spotting the Drifter

"There! The improviser!"

"There they are!"

"Found them!"


"I have them!"

"Halt, dissenter!"

"Halt in the King's name!"

"Not one more step!"


"This ends now!"

"You're mine!"

"Stop, and I'll make it quick!"

When engaging the Drifter

"I have you in my sights!"

"Now, imposter, you die!"

"For the King!"

"I have your measure, imposter!"

"I'll feather you like a dove!"

"Time to end this!"

"My aim is true!"

"Quick and clean!"

"Fare thee well, reprobate!"

"An amusing quarry."

"I tire of this foolishness!"

"What soldiers start, archers finish!"

When casting Special Ability

"Dance for me!"

"Let fly!"

"Coup de grâce!"

"This'll sting!"


"For Thrax!"

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