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Dax Gladii are male swordsmen in the Dax regiments of Dominus Thrax in the kingdom of Duviri. They wield the Syam nikana and can often be found as a part of Dax patrols or guard posts. Dax Gladii are voiced by David Attar.

Below are listed the dialogue lines said by the Dax Gladius in Duviri. Note that these dialogue lines are not subtitled, so syntax is approximate. If you have a comment regarding the transcription of these lines, please contact the Curator.


"Remain vigilant."

"I am the swordsman, dashing and brave."

"Our steel serves the King."

"The fugitive shall know no safe harbour."

"We serve with steel and honour."

"We hold the King's trust."

"I am the swordsman."

"We shall find them. Have no fear!"

"Hahaha! They shall not escape."

"Criminal! Surrender in the name of the King!"

"All is well."

When spotting the Drifter

"There you are!"

"There! Improviser!"

"Found you! Haha."

"You are discovered, imposter."

"I have you!"

"In the King's name, halt!"

"Not one more step, miscreant!"



"You're mine."


When engaging the Drifter

"Wretched improviser!"


"The sentence is death!"

"Prepare to receive judgement!"

"I'll slice you in half!"

"Your just reward!"

"For the King!"

"For Dominus Thrax!"

"Prepare to be sliced to ribbons!"

"Suffer, fool!"

"Die with honour!"

When casting Special Ability


"Taste steel!"

"Have at ye!"


"Ha ha!"

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