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The Drifter is the player character in Duviri, seeking to survive the day's emotions and prevail against the forces of Dominus Thrax and enemies within the Void.

The Drifter can have one of 4 voices:

During Duviri gameplay, the Drifter mostly speaks unsubtitled dialogue lines to their kaithe.

Walking forward


"Let's go."


"C'mon now."

[clicks tongue]



[sharp whistle]


"Go kaithe!"


Go, go!

"Hyah, hyah!"

[sharp whistling]


Stopping from a walk

"Whoa, kaithe."

"Whoa, whoa."

"Whoa there."


"Whoa now."

"Oooh. Whoa, whoa."

[soft whistle]

Stopping from a gallop


"Easy, kaithe!"


[loud grunt]

[sharp whistle]

The Drifter's story is first explored during The Duviri Paradox, which is a prerequisite for all Duviri content. The Drifter also has some dialogue during Conservation tasks in Duviri. The Drifter first returns to the Origin System during The New War, during which it is revealed that the Drifter is a different version of the Operator, but did not receive Void powers during the Zariman incident. During The New War, the Drifter gains access to the Operator's Void powers, and thereafter the player can freely swap between playing as either the Drifter or the Operator. If the Drifter is chosen to represent the player, they have distinct dialogue in Angels of the Zariman.

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