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Koral is Mathila's young daughter. She is responsible for Conservation tasks within the kingdom of Duviri. Koral is voiced by Lois Sefton.

Idle quotes

During Duviri Spirals, Koral can be found at Mathila's Farm, brushing a kaithe in the stables next to the farmhouse. These are quotes she says when the Drifter is nearby.

Koral: "I feel I owe the sweet little citizens of the world a great debt of compassion. When I am heartsick they afford a great and abiding comfort."

Koral: "The world is ever such a big place. How shall someone as small as myself make their way in it? [sigh] Such is the nature of adventure!"

Koral: "I do not care so much for the denizens of the downbelow. They are ever so gruff."

Koral: "When the weather grows warm, and mother is inattentive, I love to dip my head in the cool, bubbling stream. Mother shies me away from water, ever since father was taken by the sea. Or so she tells me."

Koral: "I wonder what father would have had to say about you, Outlaw. Mother looks upon you kindly… and father was always contrary… so perhaps it is better you never did meet. Yes."

Koral: "I find it curious – do you not? – that one has no memory of what they were before they were themself. As I remember nothing about it, I know nothing of it. And yet, I am certain, I was not always Koral. Were you always an Outlaw, I wonder?"

Koral: "I think I should very much like to be a Tamm. I would live upon cress and milk and gambol with my friends and never ever be sad!"

Koral: "We fear not, little friends, for though the world may shake and fume, the end of the world has not quite come."

Koral: "I wished to gather some water bugs for our supper. I asked the fishes if they had seen any, but they were greedy and wanted them for themselves, and so said nothing." [pout]

Koral: "Blessings upon you as broad as your compassionate shoulders, Outlaw."

Animal Conservation in Duviri

In Duviri, animals such as Krubies, Kexats, and Tamms can occasionally be found suffering from Void corruption. Koral will ask the Drifter to save any animal they can find. Once an animal is seen, it must be approached without entering its field of vision (visible in red outline) and interact with it to heal it. If the Drifter is spotted, the animal will become aggressive and attack the Drifter, and three orbs of visible Void corruption will float near its head. The Drifter must shoot the orbs before the animal can be healed. Once the animal is healed (using a quick-time event), the Drifter can pet it, which will result in the animal leading the Drifter to a hidden treasure chest in thanks. The Drifter also has dialogue during Conservation tasks.

Spotting a Void-corrupted animal

Koral: "Oh! A hapless beast sorely afflicted! Help them? Oh, please, help them, do."

Koral: "Outlaw? This poor creature is suffering. It would mean ever so much to me, were you to relieve them of their affliction."

Koral: "Um? If I may? Might I prevail upon you to lend aid to our animal friend?"

Koral: "Oh! Look! I think I see a poor, sick little animal who needs our help!"

Koral: [gasp] "Some ill-fortuned creature needs our aid. Won't you help them, Outlaw? Please?"

When approaching the animal

(Krubie) Koral: "Doggie! You must be very quiet. They possess hearing most acute."

(Krubie) Koral: "Oh… a poor lame puppy. Quietly now."

(Krubie) Koral: "He has most fearsome fangs, doesn't he? Do be careful, Outlaw."

(Kexat) Koral: "Such a sweet kittie. Best not give her cause to show her claws."

(Kexat) Koral: "Oh, my poor sweet cat. Be a good girl for our Outlaw and a bowl of warm milk shall be yours."

(Kexat) Koral: "Into the gentle hands of our Outlaw, little kitty. I promise that finding a warm sunbeam shall be your only worry henceforth."

If the Drifter is spotted

Koral: "Outlaw? I think it's seen you."
Drifter: "Really, what tipped you off?"

Koral: "Outlaw? I think you should perhaps now take the matter more firmly in hand."
Drifter: "Agh."

Koral: "Ah!"
Drifter: "I'm tryna help you ya ungrateful, stupid—"
Koral: "Outlaw!"
Drifter: "…adorable furbaby. C'mere."

Koral: "Um…!"
Drifter: "Ah shit."

Koral: "Oh dear! You've upset them!"

Koral: "You're frightening them!"

While healing the animal

Drifter: "Hold still, hold still. I got you. Yep. There we go. Theeere we go."

Drifter: "Oh man. You got some real muscle don't ya. There y'go. Phew."

Drifter: "I know, buddy, I know."

After healing the animal

(if the animal was alerted) Koral: "Oh! I am sorry, little friend! We meant you no harm! Oh… I do hope they know the good we did them this day."

(if the animal was alerted) Koral: "Forgive our rough handling of you, little friend! We just wanted to help…."

(if the animal was alerted) Koral: "Oh no, they're so frightened now. That makes me sad."
Drifter: "They're alive, and themselves. Once they calm down I'm sure they'll understand. It'll be fine. You'll see."

Koral: "Oh! How wonderful it is to see them so full of life once more! Oh Outlaw, your touch is truly a miracle."

Koral: "The darkness is banished, little friend. Go now. Adventures await you."

Koral: "Oh! You have ministered, and ministered well, Outlaw! Our friend is in fine fettle, indeed!"

Koral: "Yay!"
Drifter: "I think I made a new friend. Off y'go, buddy. My good deed for the day."
Koral: "And many more to come! Oh Outlaw, the world is so much brighter for your being here."

Koral: "Ahh."
Drifter: "Alright. Off you go. They're gonna be okay, Koral."
Koral: "Thanks to you, Outlaw. And your kind heart."

Koral: "Ahh."
Drifter: "All done. There y'go, pal."
Koral: "Farewell, little friend. Tell the world what our Outlaw has done for you this day!"

While petting the animal

These lines are also said when petting wild Duviri animals outside of Conservation tasks.

Drifter: "Good boy. Yeah. Who's a good boy."

Drifter: "That's my good girl. Look at you. Yeah."

Drifter: "How's that? Y'like that? Yeah."

Drifter: "There y'go. Yeah. That's the good stuff."

After petting the animal

Koral: "Oh! I think our grateful little friend wants to show us something!"

Koral: "Oh, how sweet! They wish to show their gratitude! Follow them, Outlaw! Oh please, do follow them!"

Koral: "Outlaw! Look! I believe our new friend wishes to… reward our good deed? Follow, follow!"

After opening chest

Drifter: "Huh. How about that?"

Drifter: "Whoa. Guess you liked the pettins, huh?"

Drifter: "Wow. Thanks. Ha, I guess we're even."

Drifter: "Aww. You didn't have to do that!"

Drifter: "Thanks, buddy! Stay out of trouble!"

Drifter: "How did you know that was… never mind."

Drifter: "Well, I'll be goddamned."

If the animal escapes

Drifter: "Whoa."

Drifter: "Aah!"

Drifter: "No no no!"

Drifter: "Ah, crap!"

Drifter: "Dammit!"

If the Drifter injures the animal

Koral: "Gently, Outlaw! These precious ones are ever so delicate!"

Koral: "Please don't hurt them! I should be ever so grateful."

Koral: "I beg you, stop! You're hurting the dear thing!"

If the Drifter kills the animal

Koral: "Oh no… I am so sorry, dear one."

Koral: "Is… is it… dead? Farewell, gentle friend. I know you were doing your best, Outlaw."

Koral: "Oh… that such a beautiful thing should be taken so suddenly from this world. So… needlessly…."

Koral is mentioned in Mathila's dialogue, and very obliquely by Acrithis.

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