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Barris is Mathila's young son. He is in charge of herding Tamms, and may at times ask the Drifter to help round up some of the stray beasts. Barris is voiced by Michael Johnston.

Idle quotes

During Duviri Spirals, Barris can be found sitting on a hay bale near an active Tamm-herding "Anecdote" side objective (not near main objectives during Spirals). These are quotes he says when the Drifter is nearby.


"HEY! Do you want to fall into the sky??? I wish you would, you straw-brained Tamm. UGHGH."

"Hey! HEY. Get over here you dumb beast. No, here. No. Come… ahhhh."

"'Barris, herd the Tamms. Barris, the Tamms have wandered off again. Barris, why aren't you watching the Tamms?' Ugh… I never asked to be a stupid shepherd."

Greeting the Drifter

"UGH. Stupid Tamms are out again. They won't come when called but I'm the one who gets in trouble when they get lost."

"Being a shepherd is so… dumb. I'm no good at this. Why do I have to do this dumb job anyway?"

"Are they trying to get themselves eaten by Krubies?"

“I can herd them for you.”

"Think they'll listen to you??? Love to see that."

"Go ahead, but I don't even think Brimon could get those Tamms back into their pen."

"Get them back into the pen… PLEASE."

“I can’t help right now.”

"Yeah, I know, it's hopeless."

[sigh] "My mom's gonna kill me."

"Ohh… okay."

When a Tamm goes in the pen



"That was one of the smart ones."

"You make it look easy."

"Gee… you're kinda good at this."

"What is your secret?"

When all Tamms have been herded

"Woah. How did you get them to follow you?"

"Wha— what did you say to them?"

"Okay. I'll try to do it just like you next time. Thanks!"

"Thanks… I guess."

If the Drifter abandons the area

"Hey, hey! Where are you going? Ugh, you're no better than the stupid Tamms."

"What? So you're just gonna wander away too? Just my luck."

Barris is mentioned in Mathila's dialogue, and very obliquely by Acrithis.

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