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Legs is a Solaris merchant who builds Moa companions in Fortuna. Initially, Legs is known as Thursby, a young adult who inherited his parents' substantial debt after they were killed in the Deck 12 crackdown. With no upgrades and no assets, Thursby attempted to sell scrap to get by. When he enlisted the Tenno to help him by stealing goods from the Corpus, Nef Anyo had him bodily repossessed in retaliation. This event spurred Eudico to light the fires of Vox Solaris once again, and in the aftermath, she and The Business set Thursby up with a new body – built from plundered Moa parts – and a new shop, where he sells Moa parts and assembles them into battle companions. With his new form came a new name which he chose to better advertise his shop – Legs of Legs' Pets & Parts.

Legs sells blueprints for Moa parts, which the Tenno can then craft in their Foundry, and bring back to Legs to be assembled into a Moa companion. Once the Moa has been mastered, it can be brought back to Legs to be gilt, improving its stats and unlocking its full potential, complete with a new name. If the Tenno does not wish to assemble their own Moa, Legs offers a daily special: a pre-built Moa of random parts. Legs will also rename a Moa companion for a small Platinum fee. Lastly, Legs will accept gilt or mastered Moas as donations, rewarding the Tenno with Solaris United Standing. Like the other vendors in Fortuna, Legs will reveal his true face to the Tenno once they reach the rank of Old Mate.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Legs says when he is not interacting with anyone.

"Hey yeah! Need to equip your trip with companionship? Talk to Legs, baby, the knowa' and showa' of primo Moa."

"Pets at impress design express, your request for the best has been addressed."

"Every bot a workhorse, reinforce supports endorsed, does all it purports, of course, leaving no cause for buyer's remorse. WE GOT PETS!"

"Puritanical valve mechanical, with manipulators contractible, memory expansible, brains mathematical, and mindsets blazing tactical. Ain't nothing problematical for these Moas and tin cans and bots fantastical. C'mon, step right up!"

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno has just completed the Vox Solaris quest) "What? Don't recognise me? It's Thursby! Look what Biz and Eudico put together. Top-shelf parts. Not just that, Biz gave me enough spare stock to start my own shop. Legs' Pets & Parts. That's my new name: Legs. Don't call me Thursby no more. I got a new body, new store, new hook, new name. Come back anytime, and Legs'll build you a Moa just for you."

"If your ambition is the acquisition of a new addition, I'm just the patrician to hear your submission. Pets? Moas? We've got 'em all."

"Step on up, quick-like and snappy. I pay off some debt, you walk away happy. Now whaddya need? Moas? We've got Moas. Right!"

"Look around. Now, don't be shy. Good friends, good buddy, ain't hard to buy."

(if the Tenno has just reached the rank Old Mate) "You seem ace, so here's my face. But understand; I just got lucky, and I think you're beautiful just as you are."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Well hey! It's the familiar killer to whom I love to deliver. Tell me the good news, sweets."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Well! I do delight in the sight of fave-o-RITE. How are you doing, friend?"

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Lookee before me, who's this that I see? The Outworlder! Buddy! Long time absentee! HOW ARE YA BABY?"

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Why's Smokefinger always gotta be ridin' me? 'Wastin' my youth'. Better wastin' my youth hangin' out with my awesome robots than talkin' to dirt. Whatever. What can I getcha?"

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "I keep tryin' to get Biz to tell me stories, but nothin'. That cove was a real doer back in the day. Eudico'd say 'Give 'em The Business' and then things'd get real hectic."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "My family didn't make it out the first time Solaris U got stomped. Aw, I know Eudico reckons it's her fault, but I don't see it thataway. She's done right by me. Way I see it, she and Zuud? They're my family now. Need anything?"

Assembling a Moa if the Tenno has no Moa parts

"I ain't part of what you might call… a legitimised supply chain. But! Bring in your own gear – heads, engines, payloads – and I'll put together a little buddy for ya quick smart, no questions asked."

"I work with salvage. Bring in heads, engines, payloads, and I'm your mucker."

"Can't work with what I don't have, cove. Gonna need some parts before we have this conversation."

Selecting a Moa part

"Okay, okay. I see where you're goin'."

"I like it."


If the Tenno idles while selecting Moa parts

"This is my favourite part, y'know. The parts get chosen, and a little fella gets born from it all. It's all down to you."

"People say Moas don't got no personality, but it's all in choosing the right components. You take your time."

"I'd offer you a nutrient canister, but you don't look like you're hooked up for it, and I'm all out."

"Need any help with that?"

"Just one more piece and I can get to work."

"Last piece. Big moment. Drum roll!"

Assembling a Moa

"Hello beautiful. Nicely put together if I do say so myself."

"There y'go, little fella. On your feet."

And that… is that."

Exiting store with purchase

"Here's your manual and bot, so full of potential, instructions for use, you'll find 'em essential. Use it well, this device, g'wan an' have fun. But do check the fine print: there ain't no refunds."


"Aaaaand your change."

Exiting store without purchase

"Just here for the show?"

"Nooo sale. Right. It was the rhyming, wasn't it?"

"Well, I'm also available for parties."

Viewing Legs’ daily special

"Ya wanted a Moa since you were protozoa, mechanical friend, fides that are bona. Wait no more, cove, my gear's all class, it's the daily special! I only take cash."

"A sleek little freak, take a peek, step on up, critique this physique! Hand-made, hand-designed, one of a kind. For today only. Seriously chic."

"Ya know ya want it, this revel's on the level. Bust open that wallet, it's a one-time special!"

Gilding a Moa

"Something this beautiful shouldn't be walkin' around without a name. Anything spring to mind?"

"So. She got a name?"

"I always like to name 'em. You should name her. What's her name?"

Confirming the name of a Moa

"Sure, why not."

"Welcome to the world, kiddo."

"Does kinda complete her, don't it?"

Skipping the naming of a Moa after gilding

"Free to be her own thing. Awright."

"Yeah. She is what she is."

"A thing unto herself. Sounds like somethin' The Business would say."

Bidding farewell

"And just like that, they were gone."

"See ya later, agitator."

"New items daily! Or as often as Boon can steal them."


"I think that went well."

"Right, now where did I put that bucket of spare ankles."

Legs' story is also told in the memory fragments scattered around the Orb Vallis. His personnel file was shown during the Fortuna ARG. He is mentioned in the dialogue of Eudico, The Business, Smokefinger, and Roky & Boon, and in the lore fragments of Eudico and The Business.

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