The Business fragments

In this life a person has to find that which is more important than themselves. The Orb Vallis died a long time ago. It should not exist. But here it is. It has a second chance. If that's not hope, then what is? I respect anything… that fights its way back from death.

A sculptor sees the shape within the rock. Their skill lies in removing anything that is not that shape, delivering something beautiful and lasting into this world.

I was a sculptor, of sorts. Modest. My task was the considered removal of those who obscured the shape of what we wanted to be. With their deletion, a just society came into clearer focus.

Small actions lead to powerful outcomes. One example: a young man is repo'd, and Eudico resurrects the resistance.

Wise conservation is all about understanding… patterns. Cause and effect. When orchestrating change in an ecosystem, ask: how will the system reconfigure in response to this new species. New forests? Redirected rivers? Diverse and beneficial new breeds? It is all connected.

It was Legs' punishment that inspired Eudico to resurrect Solaris United. Lean and wise, it's time for that hungry, furious wolf to enter the woods. For the Corpus to receive a selective and beneficial extinction.

A small price to pay. A young man's body. An old man's soul.

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