Eudico fragments

I founded Solaris United the day an old woman had her pet taken from her. The day my best friend watched her arms be given to someone else. The day my mother lost her head.

I founded Solaris United the day I sold my heart.

To buy a gun.

Biz just appeared one day. Taught us how to fight economically, intelligently. Oh… Sparky, you should have seen us. Fireballing refineries by night, dutiful clean-up crew during the day. My job was to get people believing in us. Believing we could change things.

That got more people killed than anything Zuud and her sisters could have hoped to make.

It… it was a small operation, one we… one we almost didn't run. That's… what keeps me up at night.

Deck 12.

Everyone I knew, everyone who believed in us, everyone I convinced to sign on… died. Parents, lovers… whole families. Zuud's sisters. Legs' folks. All gone.

Except us, and a few others. Me, Biz, Zuud, Little Duck. I washed my hands of it. They were bloody enough.

Then, years later, Biz showed up again. And then you. And then, somehow, here we are.

This isn't the first Solaris United. It’s the second. And one way or another, the last.

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