Revenant fragments

The Revenant fragments are found during the Mask of the Revenant mini-quest. Each contains a hidden fragment of narration by Nakak, heard as dialogue during said quest. The hidden dialogue is listed last.

A New Threat Looms

A vision comes. Something new is stirring within the ground. Seeking a body to call its own, longing to strike those who sent it to the grave.

A Terror Long Forgotten

A fragment of the ancient Sentient that once terrorised these plains.

The Lost One

Once the warden of the Plains, tasked with protecting the Unum's Tower and striking down the ghostly Eidolon forms that rose from the depths every night. Night after night, he cut them down, not allowing them to take form. Then, one night, he disappeared, lost… forever.

Revenant (hidden)

Mask of the Revenant hype art

[1] A New Threat Looms:
"Why do I remember this? The land here, killing hot, full of strangeness. This is where Gara vanquished the Sentient! Where its essence fell into the ground, trapped in some unworldly between. It wanted out. At moonrise its ghostly tendrils would emerge, seeking form, seeking… return. And this… this was the warden… a warframe. I can see it, like a dream repeating…. The tendril emerging, night after night, and the warden, night after night, cutting it down… until the warden himself was lost. How?"

[2] A Terror Long Forgotten:
"Ugh… here we go again. I remember…. The pool glows, the tendril emerges… and this warframe draws its weapon to destroy yet again… wait… no. He does not strike this time, he watches. Why? The phantom tendril grips trees and rocks, probing for substance… then fear returns and the lost one slashes the phantom, sending it back to its purgatory…."

[3] The Lost One:
"I see… the tendril once again. Instead of striking it… the lost one… he extends a hand to the Eidolon?! Khanung! What was he thinking? He's like Mukha on the Tower. Every day, Mukha clamored across the Tower ledges and scaffolds – nothing happened, day in and day out…. Routine took his fear away. Uhh… Tenno… I see the tendril has him now. The lost one. He's become an anchor for the Eidolon – to pull itself onto our world! The lost one struggles, pulling back, but it's too late! The Eidolon begins to emerge. But… the lost one realises – he stops… he lets go… and so he falls. Falls from this world of the living and down, down, down into the next. Mukha, that was so stupid."

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