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Melica was one of the cephalons assigned to teach young students aboard the Zariman 10-0 colony ship. She was in charge of classroom instruction, as seen during the New War quest. She also has many terminals distributed across the Zariman tileset. If a Zarium Accolade is found and brought to one of these terminals during a mission, Cephalon Melica will reward the Tenno with a Voidplume Quill. Generally, each Zariman mission has two active Melica consoles, with the corresponding Zarium Accolades in a nearby tile.

Chrysalith corridor

"Who's up for a scavenger hunt? It's for extra credit!"

"Now students, nobody's perfect… not even a cephalon! It seems I have misplaced your Zarium Accolades. I know I had them safely stored, but something seems to have happened."

"I am so glad you're here. I have a little task I need your assistance with. See you around the Zariman!"

"Students, do any of you know where the Zarium Accolades are hiding? They don't seem to be where I left them."

"Right on time, like always! I can't wait to see what we'll accomplish on the Zariman today!"

During missions

"Where are all your classmates? You know… Terolee and Nimian and Rell and the one with the, um, 'unusually vibrant' hair?"

"I am so happy you're here! Now, have you seen where all the other students wandered off to?"

"Attendance and promptness are important, not just in school but in life. That's a lesson Jenva and Mathon could stand to learn."

[humming Smiles from Juran] "I realise that Shawzin music is all the 'craze' with you children, but let's not pluck away in lieu of our studies."

"I must commend you for persisting with your education in spite of the current 'unusual' conditions."

"Remember, student: learning is everywhere… except Tau; that's why we must bring enlightenment."

"Your organic brain's capacity for learning is virtually limitless, meaning every child has genius potential."

"Zariman Ten Zero's school is the first to offer access to Albrecht Entrati's research archives. Aren't we lucky?"

"Student, your assignment is overdue. Based on prescribed deductions, your grade is negative six hundred forty thous— oh dear, could that be correct?"

"Praise the Golden Masters for another glorious day of learning and adventure!"

"Don't get too distracted, for it's only through hard work and determination that our sacred light will triumph."

"You're not skipping class for Lunaro, are you?"

"Remember: If you dream big and work hard, the blessed overlords may gaze upon you favourably!"

"By the glory and wisdom of the Seven, if you put your mind to it, you can do it!"

"Oh no, nothing went wrong with the jump. It was merely a 'bump in the road' to greater success."

"I see we have some new faces joining us this semester. Let's all try our best to get along, shall we?"

"I believe it was Archimedian Yonta who said, 'If you possess a love of learning, then the whole cosmos is a classroom.' Wait. No. That was me."

"If our most recent jump was a 99.999% success, what would you do differently next time to ensure that it was a 100% success?"

"I think the best thing we can all do right now is concentrate on learning, okay?"

"Never stop learning, child, because the universe never stops teaching."

Interacting with no Zarium Accolade

"Do you have a Zarium Accolade for me? No? Well, I'm sure you just 'temporarily misplaced' it."

"No Zarium Accolade? Don't worry. It has to be around here somewhere."

"Where's your Zarium Accolade?"

"Don't fret about losing your Zarium Accolade. Just remember things are often right where they're supposed to be."

"Did you lose your Zarium Accolade? Try retracing your steps to the last place you saw it."

Giving Accolade

"There you go! 'A little progress each day adds up to big results!'"

"Wonderful! Your star is certainly on the rise, child."

"As you can see: Being a student is the easy part; learning requires hard work."

"I am so encouraged by your progress. I'm sure the Golden Masters would be as well."

"By my precepts, I cannot directly compete with my fellow cephalons, but I will merely observe that my students have earned more Zarium Accolades than Acetuma's have."

"My precepts state that I cannot have a favourite student, so I will just say that you rank among my favourite students."

"Well done! Who knows? Maybe someday, you'll walk the halls of House Entrati and access their great works!"

"During my long career, I've had the good fortune to teach many talented students, but you stand out in particular."

"Splendid! I foresee an appearance on the Captain's List of Distinguished Students."

"You are learning your lessons so well!"

"Don't think your academic achievements aren't being noticed by the officers."

"Someone's been doing their one-minute matrix decomposition drills!"

"Looks like you've got a good handle on your first-order differential equations!"

"Ooh! I bet you can recite your antilogarithmic tables up to seven digits!"

"Wow. Even I had a hard time with electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry."

"Ah, yes! Don't you think that the evolution of the common moonlight dragonlily is one of the universe's great miracles?"

"Very good indeed! A basic understanding of super-fluid extradimensional physics will help you enormously in life!"

"Excellent work! You know, a lot of students struggle understanding Reliquary field drives."

"Impressive! You really studied The Palimpsest of Spacetime, didn't you?"

"Well, it seems you've got the fundamentals of high-accuracy inertial navigation pretty well in hand."

Cephalon Melica is seen during the New War quest, and later can be encountered on the Zariman after the Angels of the Zariman quest. She is mentioned in the Chrysalith bounty "Boost Melica's Morale".

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