Zariman Captain Dialogue

The intercom system of the Zariman 10-0 colony ship was used to broadcast a variety of messages, either pre-recorded or real-time, to the colonists and crew. These messages were spoken by a male individual identified only as "Zariman Actual". In accordance with general military parlance, the title indicates the captain or commanding officer of the Zariman.

During the New War quest, the Zariman Captain is heard over the intercom twice during flashbacks: once as a recording to lead the classroom in the daily Zariman pledge, and once to announce the fateful Reliquary field test. A recording of the Captain reciting the Zariman pledge is also heard later during the quest.

The Reliquary field test announcement is heard again during one of the audio logs uncovered during the Zariman ARG. In addition, one of the documents released during the ARG is a communication from the Commanding Officer of the Zariman, although the name is redacted.

The most frequent dialogue lines now heard from the Zariman Captain are the elevator announcements heard when exiting the elevator from the Chrysalith into other sectors of the Zariman to begin a new mission or bounty. Recorded and programmed untold years ago, these lingering broadcasts are all that remain of the individual who once commanded the massive Zariman colony ship.

Elevator announcements

These announcements, like all intercom messages, are preceded by an intercom chime.

"Welcome to Everview Arc."

"Welcome to Everview Arc. Ensure that children are supervised at all times."

"Welcome to Everview Arc. Lunaro games are only permitted in designated zones."

"Welcome to Everview Arc. By the grace of the Golden Masters, breathe freely."

"Welcome to Everview Arc. Do not run. Running is unseemly."

"Welcome to Everview Arc. Why not take your family to visit the monuments?"

"Welcome to Tuvul Commons."

"Welcome to Tuvul Commons. Gaze upon what the favour of the Orokin may bring."

"Welcome to Tuvul Commons. Please remember to salute any dignitaries you meet."

"Welcome to Tuvul Commons. To witness the wisdom of our masters, simply look around you."

"Welcome to Tuvul Commons. Aesthetic standards are being actively enforced."

"Welcome to Tuvul Commons. Mastery of protocol is expected."

"Welcome to Halako Perimeter."

"Welcome to Halako Perimeter. Do not disturb the Archimedians."

"Welcome to Halako Perimeter. The place for questions is the classroom."

"Welcome to Halako Perimeter. Agri-biome access has been temporarily disabled."

"Welcome to Halako Perimeter. Archives may be consulted by appointment."

"Welcome to Oro Works."

"Welcome to Oro Works. Those who know no guilt hear no voices."

"Welcome to Oro Works. Unauthorised persons are not permitted near the Reliquary."

"Welcome to Oro Works. Unseal only those Requiems you are authorised to recite."

"Welcome to Oro Works. Labour, and do not inquire."

"Welcome to Oro Works. Report any mental aberration to your coordinator."

"Welcome to The Greenway."

"Welcome to The Greenway. The success of our voyage depends on you."

"Welcome to The Greenway. Cephalons are on duty in all zones."

"Welcome to The Greenway. By the will of the Seven do all things grow."

"Welcome to The Greenway. We shall never comprehend how great are their gifts."

"Welcome to The Greenway. Admission to public poetry recitals is strictly limited."

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