What Remains

The first instalment of the Fragments webcomic series, What Remains, was released on the Octavia's Anthem teaser site shortly before Update 20 and the Octavia's Anthem quest. Below is a transcript of the comic. The comic was previously freely available at the Warframe website1, but it has since been removed.

The scene is a golden Orokin tower, piercing through the clouds. A long, flat ship coasts through the atmosphere and lands on the upper deck.

To my dearest…

When I took the Archimedian Oath, I dedicated my life to memories.

Inside, an Archimedian scholar stands in an opulent library-study. Thin books are neatly stacked on bookshelves that line the interior walls, while tall windows look out to the cream-coloured clouds. The Archimedian is somewhat elderly, her face lined, her hair silver. She wears a gray cape and has a diadem with a smoky gem set on her forehead. She reads through a book as she continues narrating.

Our history, our knowledge… it is the brink between human…

An Infested Ancient is briefly shown attacking.

and beast.

Three warframes – a Banshee Prime, Ember Prime, and Volt Prime – appear and destroy the monster.

Remembering our past is our way of protecting the future.

The scene shifts to an orbital battle over a cloudy planet. A Mag Prime warframe, in an Odonata Prime Archwing, is engaging three Battalysts.

Our enemy knows we are lost without legacy. So they attack it. I remember their assault at Neptune…

The Sentients fire green beams of energy from their chests, simultaneously.

Many have died but… if the Sentients can destroy history… we'll be more than just dead.

The Mag Prime is hit, toppling over in space.

We'll be forgotten.

The Archimedian snaps back to the present as she ponders this memory. She is annoyed, then sorrowful, at her lapse.

Wait, no. It wasn't Neptune.

I've forgotten where, exactly.

In her memory, the Mag Prime drifts among the stars, weapon discarded, lifeless.

Each day more memories… have slipped away beneath the clouds.

The Archimedian looks down at what appears to be a wedding ring on her finger. It glints in the light shining in through the windows. She turns her head as music softly trills behind her.

So I called for them to take me.

An Octavia warframe, the source of the music, stands at the head of a squadron of Dax.

I must become cephalon to save what remains of my mind.

The Archimedian boards the Orokin vessel, escorted by the warframe and Dax soldiers.

My only regret, my dearest, is that I waited this long.

The ship departs the tower, trailing clouds in its wake as it flies away.

Long enough to forget your name.

The end

As the webcomic is no longer available to view on the Warframe website, it is reproduced below:

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  1. at https://www.warframe.com/octavias-anthem

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