The Sacrifice Trailer

At the end of TennoLive 2017, a short video was played to highlight the upcoming Sacrifice quest.

[Deep within Lua, in an underground space lit by an eerie blue light, the moon rumbles and quakes continuously. Large chunks of lunar basalt and Orokin architecture fall from an unseen ceiling, smashing into ledges and pillars with incredible force, before falling away into the abyss below. A column of rock rises up from the centre of the room, and at the top, a nikana is embedded vertically in the stone. A heart rate monitor and medical ventilator can be heard as the smashing and rumbling sounds fade, and Ballas speaks quietly off-screen.]

Ballas: "If you could trade, would you? Surely. But, all miracles require sacrifice. For their life… yours."

[The view rotates around the nikana from all angles. Upon Ballas' last word, a figure can be seen standing on a ledge in the distance, backlit by the blue light. It stands motionless for a few seconds before leaping into the air, pouncing onto a falling chunk of masonry and then rebounding from it onto another and then flipping up into the air to land on the rock pillar, in front of the nikana. It slowly grasps the hilt of the nikana and then pulls sharply up to dislodge it, and it is now apparent that this is a dark-coloured version of the Excalibur warframe, with Orokin gold detailing and a black, scarf-like cloth attachment – this is EXCALIBUR UMBRA. He twirls the nikana with a flourish and holds it out to the side dramatically as the view fades to the title card.]

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