The New War Trailer (2018)

At the end of TennoLive 2018 (after the release of the Sacrifice quest but before the Chimera Prologue), a short video was played.

[A yellow-orange star shines in the dark of space, surrounded by a shimmering nebula and a dense accretion disk. Further out, larger fragments of asteroids or planets hang in orbit. They have sharp edges, as if they were shattered recently. The view continues to zoom out until it is shown that the star is being seen from inside a cave. As the view pans away from the opening and through the interior, it is apparent that it is not a natural cavern, but in fact a Sentient structure. Orange lights dot the walls, and in a massive internal space, an army of Sentients is gathering, including several Ropalolysts and what appear to be hundreds of Battalysts and Conculysts. Natah, in her Sentient form, is at the head of the cavern, her head bowed and her eyes closed. Behind her, the purple cavern wall displays intricate, abstract bas-relief designs, glowing with an orange light from within. A heavily distorted voice whispers loudly at her.]

[Sentient Mother]: "They seduced you. Used you. Took away your fire."

[Natah looks up and opens her eyes. As she does, the skin of her face fragments into its discrete sections, shattering the illusion of humanity, however faint. Even more disturbing, she speaks without moving her lips or any other part of her face.]

Natah: "Mother, what must I do?"

[Sentient Mother]: "Simple. You take it back."

[The view zooms out abruptly to reveal large orange lights set into the wall behind her, arranged in the approximation of a giant face, implying that the Sentient mother is a part of the structure, or is in fact the structure itself. The screen cuts to the title card, showing the Lotus symbol above the title inverting piece by piece to become its distorted reflection.]

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