Hallowed Nightmares

30 October 2015 – 02 November 2015

27 October 2016 – 01 November 2016

19 October 2018 – 01 November 2018

Hallowed Nightmares was a yearly Tactical Alert appearing around Halloween.


The mission takes place on Earth, on the Grineer Forest tileset, though thick orange fog will limit visibility considerably. During the mission, shields and health are each set to 100, unmodifiable by any means. Weapons, companions, gear, and warframe abilities are all disabled or removed for the mission. The Tenno are limited to unarmed attacks and damage from parkour abilities such as bullet jump and jump kick. Aura and exilus mods (including bullet jump mods such as Firewalker) will still have their effect.

The mission will have Infested enemies, which will be difficult to kill while unarmed. There are no objectives or waypoints marked. The Tenno must make their way to a locked door. The door is opened by placing two power cores in the slots on either side. There are two consoles on the same tile which will produce a power core when hacked. After the door is opened, a Jack O’Naut will be found on a large open tile. This creature resembles an Infested Juggernaut with a large jack-o-lantern for a head. The only way of damaging the Jack O’Naut is with the explosive objects scattered around the tile, resembling three jack-o-lanterns stacked on top of each other. When destroyed, they will create a fire hazard on the ground that will deal damage to the Jack O’Naut and other Infested. The Jack O’Naut can be baited into charging the explosive barrels, which will cause maximal damage. After the Jack O’Naut is dead, the Tenno can head to extraction.

Inbox message:
Hallowed Nightmares: Sleeping?

We lost contact for a moment… were you sleeping? Nightmares? Perhaps this will help you overcome your fear.

—The Lotus

A second, slightly harder version of the Tactical Alert is available after completing the first. In 2015 this mission also contained 3 Grineer supply caches hidden around the map. These caches contained aura and nightmare mods. The caches did not reappear in later years.

Inbox message:
Hallowed Nightmares: Your Fear


This badge shows you faced your fear and conquered your nightmares.

—The Lotus

In 2016 and 2018, a third timed mission was available after the first two, During the timed missions, the Tenno’s score started at 1000 at the start of the mission, and gradually decreased by 1 each second. The Tenno had to complete the mission with a score of at least 666 to receive the reward, which means completing the mission in less than 5 minutes 34 seconds.

During 2015, the first mission rewarded an Orokin Catalyst blueprint, while the second mission rewarded a Stratos emblem. In 2016, the first mission rewarded an Orokin Catalyst blueprint, while the second mission rewarded a Day of the Dead sigil, and the timed mission rewarded an Orokin Reactor. In 2018, the first mission rewarded the Day of the Dead sigil, the second mission rewarded the Dread Day of the Dead skin, and the timed mission rewarded an Orokin Reactor. Although not advertised, each mission, including the timed mission, rewarded a Stratos emblem in 2018.

Hallowed Nightmares did not run in 2017, due to the release of the Plains of Eidolon. Operation: Plague Star took the place of the Halloween event that year. Hallowed Nightmares resumed in 2018, but was replaced by the Hallowed Flame Tactical Alert in 2019. In 2020, Nights of Naberus became the new yearly Halloween event, and continued on in future years.

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