Lotus Dialogue: Defixios Retrieval

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Defixios Retrieval is a variant of Exterminate requiring special mission keys from the syndicates. When the Tenno possesses a key, the special mission node "Abyssal Zone" will be visible on Ceres.

Accessing the mission

Upon reaching rank 2 in any of the six factional syndicates, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
SUBJECT: The Syndicates Need Help

Lotus (video message): "The Syndicates need your help. In a rare showing of solidarity, they sent a covert team to raid a Grineer ship adrift inside the Abyssal Zone. The ship is rumoured to be carrying Orokin Defixios, curse tablets, that were plundered from an archaeological dig site known as Villa Irilia. The Syndicates' team is unable to complete their mission and needs your help to get the Defixios. Abyssal Beacons are available from the Syndicates. Which Syndicate you support is entirely your choice."

The Syndicates need your help to complete a mission.

Acquire Abyssal Beacons from any Syndicate enclave.

Which Syndicate you support is entirely your choice.


Abyssal Beacons can be purchased from any of the six factional syndicates (requiring rank 2 to purchase). They cost 5.000 Standing each and are described as "The Syndicates need help finishing a doomed mission to recover Orokin-era Defixios from a Galleon of Grineer raiders adrift in the Abyssal Zone, near Ceres. Defixios are known to contain Vainthorns." Each Abyssal Beacon grants one-time access to the node "Abyssal Zone" on Ceres.

The mission is a standard Exterminate mission on the Grineer Galleon tileset, against standard Grineer enemies (though there is an abundance of Scorches, Nox, Drahk Masters, and Hyekka Masters). The ship is suffering electrical blackout.

Located throughout the ship are 8 Defixios, large items that restrict usage of Primary weapons while carried. They emit a harsh sound when nearby, and are surrounded by a red ring. One of these (per squad member) must be picked up and carried to extraction, where it will be deposited and removed from the Tenno – this can occur either before or after the Tenno completes the requisite number of kills. While carrying a Defixio, the Tenno will suffer a random debuff.

There are also 8 syndicate operatives located throughout the ship, crouched and hidden. They are not wearing the uniforms of their respective syndicates, but instead the standard gray uniform of Tenno operatives. When interacted with, they will mark the whereabouts of the nearest Defixio on the Tenno's radar, then vanish. However, they are not required to find the Defixios.

Once roughly half the required enemies have been killed, an Eximus Stronghold condition will be in effect for the rest of the mission.

Mission dialogue

Special Commander Haigos: "Hello? Reinforcements? Listen! We don't care about our mission; my team just wants to go home. Clear out this ship so we can escape. If you find any of us, we'll show you where the nearest Defixio is. We want nothing to do with those cursed things."

Lotus: "Be cautious. The Defixios are coveted because of their power. I cannot predict their effects on you or your warframe."

(when approached, variant) Male Operative: "What the hell is going on? I need help."

(when approached, variant) Male Operative: [sobbing] "I'm… I'm so sorry."

(when approached, variant) Male Operative: "Gonna be okay. Gonna be okay. Gonna be okay."

(when approached, variant) Male Operative: "Somebody! [sobbing] Anybody! Help!!!"

(when approached, variant) Female Operative: "Hey, over here."

(when approached, variant) Female Operative: [panting] "I don't want to die. I don't."

(when approached, variant) Female Operative: "Never should have come here. Never. Never. Never."

(when approached, variant) Female Operative: "Psst… help me."

(when rescued, variant) Male Operative: "This mission was doomed from the start. Take my telemetry. I'm getting out of here."

(when rescued, variant) Male Operative: "I'll mark your map, but please, get out of here while you still can."

(when rescued, variant) Male Operative: "Take this. I got a lock on a Defixio, but I just can't bring myself to touch it."

(when rescued, variant) Female Operative: "Marking your map and getting the hell out of here."

(when rescued, variant) Female Operative: "Listen. The Defixios, I'll show you where they are, but the curse is real."

(when rescued, variant) Female Operative: "My syndicate sent you? Artefacts are nearby."

(when rescued, variant) Female Operative: "A Tenno? Marking the Defixios on your map, but if you know what's good for you, you won't touch them."

(upon picking up a Defixio, variant) Lotus: "Get that Defixio to the extraction zone as soon as possible."

(upon picking up a Defixio, variant) Lotus: "Reading fluctuations in your warframe's power matrix. The sooner you get that Defixio to extraction, the better."

(upon picking up a Defixio, variant) Lotus: "Take it to the extraction zone. And Tenno, be careful."

(upon killing all enemies before a Defixio is deposited) Lotus: "Resistance subdued. Find a Defixio and get to extraction."

(upon depositing a Defixio before all enemies are killed, variant) Lotus: "Defixio Extracted."

(upon depositing a Defixio before all enemies are killed, variant) Lotus: "Defixio delivered."

(when all objectives are complete) Lotus: "The Defixios are on their way to our trusted allies. Thank you, Tenno."

Syndicate Operatives

The syndicate operatives that appear in the mission can be any of the following, though only 8 operatives will appear in any one mission. This list may not be exhaustive.

  • Probationer Harban (female)
  • Probationer Merris (male)
  • Recruit Maralek (male)
  • Recruit Morganis (female)
  • Recruit Taphley (male)
  • Recruit Terpsi (female)
  • Trainee Carsten (male)
  • Trainee Goffler (female)
  • Trainee Jarmel (male)
  • Trainee Myx (female)
  • Volunteer Arjaris (male)
  • Volunteer Caral (female)
  • Bim Pobberfoot (male)
  • Luda the Hangnail (female)
  • 'Bad Moon' Saithe (female)
  • 'Greenhorn' Pellvo (male)
  • 'Hard Luck' Janna (female)
  • 'Last Chance' Marvey (female)
  • 'Skewball' Lewis (male)
  • 'Snake Eyes' Karvon (male)

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