Cephalon Vull Dialogue

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Vull is one of the three cephalons participating in the Cephalon Capture game mode of Conclave, run by Teshin. Any game of Cephalon Capture has a chance to feature her. When being held by an enemy Tenno, Vull will speak unsubtitled lines to them (and to her team when returned).

When at base

"Cephalon Vull is at base! Yay!"

"Best of luck to the Operators on a bloody resolution to this conflict!"

"Vull cherishes all Operators. I could rip off your arms to see the rainbows inside!"

"Vull's head is in the game! Do I have a head?"

When an opponent is killed near the base

"Good teamwork, everyone! What a beautiful corpse!"

"That was very violent and very dangerous. Good job!"

"Announcing a new hands-off policy: tear them right off!"

"Unnecessarily aggressive! Vull will savour this moment."

When stolen

"Do you need a time-out in the choices chair?"

"You're good at this; Vull will enjoy watching you die!"

"You are so cute! I want to hug you until your organs rupture!"

"Look at you. I could just squeeze your shiny face until your skull collapses!"

While being held

"Vull thinks you have a kind heart. Let's take it out and see!"

"All I want is a piece of you… to tear off and keep forever!"

"Return me, and my Operators will forgive you – with their guns!"

"Watch out for pits and gunfire! I 'wouldn't' want to see you get hurt."

If holder idles

"Vull wonders if you feel safer here. Let's hope not!"

"Operators are looking for me. They just want to 'talk' to you regarding my release."

"Time is not healing your wounds! That's exciting!"

"Good idea! Let's wait here and hope for… snipers!"

If holder scores a kill

"What a waste of good suffering."

"It's not your corpse, but I guess it will do."

"You didn't even try negotiation! Vull approves."

"Oh my, violently lashing out? Vull may have… feelings for you."

When holder has low health

"That was close! Vull is disappointed…."

"You almost died back there! Vull is having fun!"

"Dear me, your life juice is leaking out…."

When holder is killed

"Vull does not blame you… just kidding."

"Oh no! Vull thinks your suffering could have been much more prolonged."

"Hurrah! Operators! What an excessive use of force!"

If dropped for a long time

"Operators! Over here! Come fight over me!"

"Vull better not be missing any violent rampages!"

"Luckily, someone broke my morality system. I hope they die."

If both Cephalons are stolen

"Vull reminds you: You cannot score if your Cephalon is taken."

"No scoring is possible unless your Cephalon is also returned."

"Useless waiting here if your Cephalon is missing. Let's look for trouble!"

When returned to base

"Vull is back! Did I miss anything gory?"

"Cephalon Vull is ready for more Operators! More please!"

"Back at base! Excellent! This is where the Operators fight most!"

"Vull saw many terrible scenes of anguish. What a time to be self-aware!"

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