Halloween Alert 2014

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31 October 2014 – 03 November 2014

During Halloween 2014, there was a special alert available with unique holiday-themed visuals.

Starting the mission

On Friday (31 October), the alert became available on Oro, Earth and was present for the weekend.


The alert was an Extermination mission on the Grineer Forest tileset against Infested enemies, with heavy fog across the map. There were three Grineer resource caches that could be found for additional rewards.

The mission featured a variety of Halloween-themed cosmetic differences. Infested Ancients had a large sawblade on their arms which emitted a buzzing sound. Breakable resource containers were replaced with jack-o'-lanterns, and the resource caches, when opened, emitted a loud cackle.

The mission awarded 666 credits. Potential cache rewards included credits, Forma, Detonite Injectors, Fusion Cores, and Nightmare mods. Unlike most alerts, the mission could be run again after it was completed until the alert expired.

Market Cosmetics

In addition to the Alert mission, the Day of the Dead Skin Pack II was available in the Market. This bundle contained skins for the Amprex, Buzlok, Glaxion, Grinlok, (Ak)Vasto, Marelok, Nukor, Jat Kittag, and the Kronen. The Naberus shoulder armour was also available for purchase, as was the previous year's Day of the Dead skin pack.

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