Corpus Trademarks and Logos

"CORPUS", seen in the Gas City on Jupiter

Corpus environments and items are often printed with distinct logos and trademarks. These may belong to the little-known Merchant Guilds that compose the Corpus mega-corporation. Here we will examine the five known trademarks of the Corpus and discuss what we know about their owners.

All pictures appearing here are screenshots and Captura images captured by GrayArchon, the Curator.

Luxor Nanocomposites Foundry Forge

Luxor trademark, seen on the walls in a Corpus Spy vault. The Corpus writing, starting on the left side of the triangle and going clockwise, reads "NANOCOMPOSITES", "FOUNDRY FORGE", and "LUXOR".

Luxor Nanocomposites Foundry Forge is by far the most prevalent trademark of the Corpus Merchant Guilds. Their triangular logo can be seen on Corpus banners, walls, weapons, and equipment – even on items that bear the trademarks of other Merchant Guilds.

"CAUTION NANO FOUNDRY FORGE",1 with Luxor logo. Seen on the wall in the Corpus Outpost tileset.

The incredible diversity of items that bear the Luxor trademark, along with the name "Nano Foundry Forge", may indicate that Luxor is actually a manufacturer, using nanotechnology to fabricate anything that the Corpus may require. Perrin Sequence crewmembers may reference this when they talk about "machines that can make other machines."2

"LUXOR FORGE", stamped on old models of the Braton rifle. The text to the upper left, upper right, and bottom centre are the binary numbers 6, 7, and 118.

Note that, because the Corpus alphabet does not contain a letter X, the name Luxor is actually spelled "LUKSOR" when written.


Left: "BEECLOUD ROBOT CONTROL SYSTEMS", with Beecloud logo. Seen on the wall in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
Right: Beecloud logo, isolated from banner shown below. The letters around the octogram spell "HIVE" and "MIND".

Beecloud is a fairly common trademark, although it is easy to miss. Their logo is often omitted, or so small as to be unrecognisable. However, Beecloud may be among the most important Merchant Guilds of the Corpus.

Left: "CORPUS ROBOT CONTROL SYSTEMS, PROPERTY OF THE BEECLOUD", seen on the floor in the Corpus Ship tileset
Middle: A banner with Beecloud logo, previously seen in the outdated Corpus Gas City tileset. The writing reads "WE WERE CREATED BY THE CORPUS / WE SERVE THE CORPUS" and "KEEP FOCUSED ON YOUR DUTY / IDLE PROCESSES DO NOT BENEFIT THE CORPUS".
Right: A barrel in the Corpus Outpost tileset, with Beecloud logo and name

The name Beecloud is often associated with "robot control systems". This, along with the word "hivemind" displayed on their logo (and reinforced by the bee hive iconography), indicates that Beecloud is possibly the foremost developer of the combat AI software used by the Corpus' robotic proxies. Corpus operating principles (inherited from their Orokin predecessors) stipulate that robotic AI must be limited so as to prevent a machine revolt3. Beecloud may be attempting to circumvent such regulations by techniques such as swarm intelligence or centralised command-and-control systems, which would allow for robots with minimal processing capability that are yet able to perform complex tasks in concert. In addition, both approaches would align well with the metaphor of the bee hive. Curiously, some of the "robot control systems" plaques also state "Property of the Beecloud", implying that Beecloud leases its robotic proxies to local Corpus commanders while retaining true ownership, which may be a logical arrangement if control of the robots is routed through Beecloud servers.

The Beecloud trademark is also found on barrels found commonly in all Corpus environments. The contents of these barrels, and how they fit in with Beecloud's software development, is unknown. They may be reagents required for optimal proxy operation, or perhaps represent a transportation subsidiary of the Beecloud.

Fortunate Dawn

· M   A   R   S ·

Fortunate Dawn is a trademark seen in only a few locations across known Corpus territory, most commonly in the screen above, which is displayed on computer screens throughout the System – in the Gas City, Corpus Ships and Outposts, and within Corpus data vaults. The text seems to indicate that Fortunate Dawn is a subsidiary (or "annex") of Beecloud, but they have their own entry on this list because they possess an independent trademark.

Security terminal seen in the Corpus Outpost tileset, displaying both the Fortunate Dawn text and logo

The screen with the Fortunate Dawn text and patent number is also displayed on security terminals on the Corpus Outposts, alongside a unique logo. This can be assumed to be the logo of the Fortunate Dawn annex. This logo (without attribution) is also prominently printed on the landing pads at the Corpus Outposts, next to the logo of OKLU Technical, Inc (discussed below). Fortunate Dawn's logo consists of flames within a five-pointed star. Inside the flames are four letter Fs and a fifth letter, whose meaning is unknown but somewhat resembles a double letter O.

Corpus landing pad with Fortunate Dawn and OKLU logos, seen in the Corpus Outpost tileset. The letters on the outside of the landing pad are alternating G and Z. Fortunate Dawn logo is isolated and shown beside.

The Fortunate Dawn logo is seen in one other place: on the datamasses used by the Lotus' agents for Mobile Defence and Deception missions4.

Tenno datamass, with Fortunate Dawn logo at each corner

Aside from the landing pads, Fortunate Dawn appears to be involved in software, especially operating systems for complex machinery (such as that found in the Gas City) or security systems (such as the terminals in the Outposts). This is fitting with their nature as a subsidiary of Beecloud, which also appears to trade in software. The "Hendry Liviplex" mentioned on the computer screen may have been Fortunate Dawn's headquarters on Mars, before the Grineer took over the planet5.

OKLU Technical, Inc

OKLU logo displayed on a screen in the Gas City. The writing at the top and bottom of the screen says "SUPER PRESITE MONITOR SYSTEMS". The entries on the left read, in order, "SYSTEM DIRECTORS", "ENEMY INTEL", "BEECLOUD", "STRATEGY", "GRINEER", and "THE INFESTED". Underneath the OKLU logo are the words "TECHNICAL INC".

OKLU Technical, Inc is a trademark seen on large screens, most notably in the Gas City, but also on Corpus Ships and Outposts. The OKLU logo consists of a pair of entwined snakes over the letters O, K, L, and U arranged in a diamond shape6. The significance of the letters is unknown – it may, for example, refer to its four founding members. The computer screen seen above would seem to indicate that OKLU's main function is to maintain databases of intelligence for use by the Corpus in their economic and strategic endeavours – a hypothesis buttressed by the label "Monitor Systems" (possibly in the sense of an observer or overseer) and the snake iconography (historically a symbol of knowledge7). It is interesting to note that one of the intelligence entries is for the Beecloud – is this an instance of cooperation, or an example of OKLU keeping tabs on a rival Guild?

The meaning of "Super Presite" is not clear.

Corpus landing pad with Fortunate Dawn and OKLU logos, seen in the Corpus Outpost tileset. OKLU logo is isolated and shown beside.

The OKLU logo is also seen (without attribution other than the letters) on the landing pads at the Corpus Outposts, along with the Fortunate Dawn logo, as mentioned above. The nature of OKLU's partnership with Fortunate Dawn is unknown, but it may mark facilities where both Guilds develop collaborative software together. The logo also notably appears on the hull of Pillar-class capital ships.

Chilton Hivemind Manufacturing

Chilton trademark, seen on the large hangar doors in the Corpus Outpost tileset. The writing reads "CHILTON HIVEMIND MFG". The teeth of the keys in the logo also appear to be Corpus letters, but they are difficult to identify due to wear and tear. Note the Luxor logo on the bottom right.

Chilton8 Hivemind Manufacturing is a rare trademark, appearing only on the large hangar doors on the Corpus Outposts, and in no other locations. Their logo consists of a pair of crossed keys.

Wide view of the hangar doors in the Corpus Outpost tileset, showing the Chilton trademark on both sides of the door. The writing is mirrored on the right half. This may be for aesthetic purposes, but it is also possible that the Corpus written language is direction-agnostic.

It is difficult to extrapolate insights into Chilton Manufacturing from such limited information. Their trademark appearing on the hangar doors may indicate that some of the Corpus Outposts are owned and operated by Chilton, perhaps involved in robotic proxy assembly (which is known to occur at such Outposts9), as the name "Hivemind Manufacturing" implies. Alternatively, a more mundane interpretation is that Chilton simply manufactures doors ("Hivemind" notwithstanding).

Further remarks

The trademarks of these Merchant Guilds are ubiquitous within Corpus environments, yet little is known about them. No overt references to these organisations are known to exist other than what is presented here, and no Corpus individual has ever mentioned them in the existing record. The sub-factions of the Corpus – facilities operated by Nef Anyo, Alad V, Frohd Bek, and others – do not seem to show partiality to any specific Merchant Guild, indicating that the products of the Guilds are used by all. The overlap between the Guilds points to a highly interlinked supply chain, where products pass through multiple different Guilds in the process of manufacture, even simultaneously. A robotic proxy might be assembled at a plant owned by Chilton, using a nano foundry process produced by Luxor, with operating software developed by the Beecloud. The logistics in maintaining such a complex economy is a marvel unto itself, and likely a factor in the Corpus' rise to economic hegemony.

Corpus mantras and slogans

The following images represent the (largely propagandistic) messages posted on banners in Corpus installations.

"PROFIT", seen in the Corpus Gas City tileset
"PROFIT CONTROL POWER", repeated over and over around an image of Parvos Granum. A common decoration seen in the Corpus Ship tileset.
"DUTY IS HOW WE HONOUR THE CORPUS", seen hanging on the wall in a Corpus Spy vault
"THE CORPUS SERVES US / WE SERVE THE CORPUS" with Luxor logo, seen hanging on the wall in a Corpus Spy vault

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  1. The letter Y is used as a spacer between "caution" and "nano".
  2. "You know, I expected space to be a lot more empty. Hopping pobbers have we been filling it up with stuff. I guess that's what happens when you build machines that can make other machines." (Perrin Sequence crewmember)
  3. "Artificial intelligence in these robotics is robust, but intentionally restricted, ensuring a capable but subservient workforce." (Robotics Cephalon fragment)
  4. Credit for this discovery goes to StallordD. The observations made here largely mirror, but were investigated independently from, his video on the Corpus Merchant Guilds, but I genuinely never would have found the logo on the Tenno datamasses.
  5. During the Gradivus Dilemma.
  6. Clockwise, the letters read OLUK.
  7. See the Leverian gallery on Lavos.
  8. Because of ambiguity in the Corpus alphabet, this name could also be "Cilton" or "Kilton".
  9. Corpus manufacturing facilities are stated in the Cephalon fragments to take place on both Neptune and Pluto, which use the Corpus Outpost tileset.

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