Cephalon Cordylon 4

Originally posted on 19 Feb 2015.

Tradingstation asks: Wait. You and Cephalon Suda are both doing the same job. Both employ agents and proxies. Isn't this redundant?
Cephalon Suda is an admirable being; however, her interests do not always align with that of all Tenno. Additionally, I do not require the use of agents or proxies. Information gathered during missions is simply processed through my databanks.

Were there to be no information for me to process, then I am confident the Lotus would assign me another task worthy of my vast capability. Perhaps assisting in the deconstruction of Orokin Void technology, or keeping consigned kubrow in their designated 'free range zone' (they can be quite stubborn, and are adept at jumping over gates).

Igo95862 asks: How did you and the Lotus miss the creation of Nullifiers by the Corpus?
It would be hubris to assume that the Lotus and I are able to monitor all Corpus activity. There are too many operational outposts and mobile testing laboratories for us to follow them all, and given the comparatively limited number of Tenno agents, priority must be placed on missions objectively.

This does not take into account Corpus 'blackout' sites that operate without sending communication, to minimise the odds of outside interference or intercepted communiqués.

Given that our information acquisition requires the use of skilled Tenno operatives, I am left to wonder how it is you missed the creation of Nullifier technology. Our files indicate that you have completed over 61 espionage-related missions to date.

Do not be too hard on yourself. I am sure there will be other opportunities for you to prevent further technological advancements from falling into enemy hands.

Haldos asks: Can you blush?
As one would define my 'body' as synthetic, the traditional biochemical response known as 'blushing' is a task I cannot accomplish. I can, however, alter the colour of my visual representation to display a wide range of colour.

Doing so under most circumstances would be absolutely pointless, but, were the Lotus ever to create a colour-coded emergency system, I could adapt to provide clear visual aid as to our operational status.

Morec0 asks: Who’s that little guy that handles the Medallion transactions for Cephalon Suda?
I believe you are describing a subroutine created by Cephalon Suda to handle smaller tasks not requiring more than 5% of her processing capabilities. I have used several programs myself when required, to entertain multiple scenarios. These programs often share my visual identity to ease organic life into the concept that one being can handle multiple tasks effectively. As you can see, it does not always work clearly.

It is my understanding that some Relay technicians, unaware of the similarities between Suda and her subroutine's visual, have taken to giving it a 'nickname'. The 'nickname' has changed from Relay to Relay; however I believe 'Little Jim' is beginning to catch on. 70% of Relay personnel have been recorded using the name in one context or another, while only 20% have used 'Tiny Suda'.

5% insist on calling it 'that other cephalon thing', which is a somewhat accurate, if misinformed, statement. Further variations have developed, with their own measure of recorded success.

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