Cephalon Cordylon 5

Originally posted on 04 Mar 2015.

Your_Mother_Have_Bandaids asks: Is John Prodman against us or with us?
John Prodman of the Corpus is well known to the Lotus, and my own databanks are filled with a mixture of rumours and confirmed accounts of his exploits in combat. While we harbour no express resentment towards him, Mr. Prodman's actions always seem to keep the benefit of the Corpus as their primary focus.

It is safe to assume that he is neither 'with us' nor 'against us'. John Prodman is a Corpus that serves the best interests of his people – regardless of what our own goals may be. 

Were we ever to collaborate, I would be quite interested in deconstructing his Prova. Rumours persist that either the man is capable of supernatural feats, or his weapon is technologically advanced beyond imagination. I would take pleasure in determining the truth behind either tale.

Esurio wonders: I've always been curious about how the 'Towers' in the Void work. Why do they not go up (or down) if we spawn at the top? We always seem to fight endless waves of Corrupted on a flat playing field. Are the Corrupted hiding something?
You are not the first Tenno to approach Orokin 'Towers' with this thought in mind. Understandably so, as it can be difficult for organic life to adjust their normal sense of spatial awareness.

Concepts like 'up' and 'down' are relative to the gravity being exerted in any spacecraft – and though I have not personally been aboard any Orokin vessel there is a high probability that these 'Towers' were actually meant to be travelled from 'left' to 'right' instead of 'top' to 'bottom'.

In other words, you may have been looking at these 'Towers' the wrong way. Might I recommend tilting your neck at a slight 90-degree angle for an alternate perspective?

Salenstormwing asks: While maintaining good relations with Cephalon Suda, it seems New Loka took this as an insult to trees and grass… or something. Anyways, there are now a bunch of Ancient Infested assassins on the other side of this wall. Suggestions?
That is quite a remarkable situation you have got yourself into, but New Loka's closed-minded attitude toward technological expansion has led to many similar acts of environmental terrorism.

While there is certainly no shame in asking for help, there are a few crucial bits of information that would assist in advising you. What sort of room are you hiding in? Where is your location? What armaments do you currently have equipped? While the dire necessity of your circumstances may warrant some urgency, please provide more information when life-threatening scenarios are being brought into discussion.

As for your current problem, please feel free to use the following suggestions:

  • Infested tissue have clear vulnerabilities to any bladed weapon capable of easily slashing flesh.
  • If you are currently hiding in a boarded Corpus or Grineer vessel I would recommend finding a way to forcefully depressurise the Infested-filled room. This may remove the unwanted assassins, or at the very least restrict their movement.
  • Hijacking navigational control of the ship and driving it into a nearby asteroid or uninhabited moon should eliminate your pursuers. This plan comes with its own considerable risk.

Good luck, and please remember to properly file a mission report after completion of your work. I wish to attach recommendations on proper emergency communiqué protocol for your future review.

-HeadLocks- asks: Have you personally spoke with the Lotus? If so, does she have any plans to visit one of our Relays?
As it is my task to organise all data obtained by Tenno, I often speak with the Lotus, offering recommendations and advice when necessary.

It is my understanding that the Lotus does intend to visit Relays in the future now that the Fomorian threat has been severely diminished. Appropriate security measures will need to be taken to ensure her continued well-being, but I would imagine your patience will eventually be rewarded.

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