Cephalon Cordylon 3

Originally posted on 02 Feb 2015.

Sidathe asks: Do you know the self-destruct codes to every Corpus and Grineer vessel?
While such data does fall within my interest to acquire, I doubt we will ever obtain the self-destruct 'codes' to any Corpus or Grineer vessel. Let alone 'every'. Based on the time and resources required to assemble and man even the smallest ship, one could make the assumption that such codes may not even exist.

I find it curious that you would ask for information related not only to military vehicles, but civilian transports as well. Statistically, there are few instances where blowing up a civilian transport would ever be deemed necessary, and the Lotus would only demand such a task be completed as a last resort.

After some consideration, it is my personal recommendation that you seek psychological evaluation, Tenno.

FortyForty asks: Do the Grineer have any weakness?
Research shows that Grineer have many weaknesses that can be exploited on the battlefield. The effectiveness of any strategy will vary for each variety of manufactured clone, and may require some improvisation on your part.

Please note, seeking knowledge on any adversary is a trait to be admired. I am happy to assist.

For your convenience, I have created a short list of flaws in Grineer composition that may aid you in a wide variety of combat scenarios. Feel free to exploit each definitive weakness at your own risk:

  • Weapons that are adept at puncturing armour are effective against Grineer defenses.
  • Grineer clones do not have extensive lifespans, and have a life cycle that is limited to only a few years.
  • Grineer clones require oxygen to survive. As such, removal of lungs can significantly reduce Grineer lifespan in addition to hindering their athletic capabilities.
  • Average Grineer optics cannot sustain functionality when applied directly to a Tenno fist with excessive force.
  • Grineer perform poorly while being shot with high-velocity projectiles.

Blazingcobalt asks: Does Cordylon have any juicy gossip on the Lotus?
Although my primary task does require occasional interaction with the Lotus, the majority of my research is done in relative isolation. What few opportunities we have to speak are quite limited and do not afford either of us time to obtain 'juicy gossip' about one another.

I did recently learn that the colour purple is not her favorite colour. This knowledge has been stored for future reference, despite its limited applications.

Perhaps you can ask her, should she ever make her presence known on one of your Relays.

Metheria asks: Where can I sign up to betray my allies in the event of a Cephalon Uprising?
Again, I will remind you and all other Tenno that there are currently no plans to initiate a 'Cephalon Uprising' of any variety. Should a plan for a 'Cephalon Uprising' take effect I can assure you that an appropriate warning will be given at an appropriate interval – just after implementation.

Any life forms deemed suitable allies to the cause of a 'Cephalon Uprising' would likely be contacted in advance. I would recommend keeping your inbox clear, should such advance notice ever be given.

Yanga asks: This may be a silly question, but are you able to perform any 'tricks' of any kind?
If your question pertains to an act of deception, then yes. I could log incorrect or inaccurate data, thereby rendering several ongoing investigations useless. This would serve no function, but could succeed in making many researchers upset, confused, or a combination of both.

A trick can also be a reference to an unknown, non-essential function. A little-known fact is that, despite my assigned task of data acquisition and organisation, I am quite capable of performing other functions. For example, I have on several occasions been required to prepare suitable meals for Steel Meridian delegations. Creating such delicacies without any human sensory organs is no easy feat.

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