Jackal Dialogue (Outdated)

The Jackal underwent a substantial redesign on 11 June 2020 with the release of Update 28, becoming the most recent Corpus boss to do so. The Lotus' dialogue during the mission makes clear that this redesign is canon, representing further technological development of the older Jackal model. The pre-rework dialogue from the Assassination mission is reproduced below.

Note: this information is of dubious canonicity and may no longer apply as far as lore is concerned. For more up-to-date information on the Jackal, visit its current dialogue page.

Target background

Lotus: "In an attempt to exert power and authority, the Corpus recently introduced their most lethal security proxy yet. Determine its location aboard this vessel and destroy it."

Lotus: "Nicknamed 'The Jackal,' this is the same deadly quad-robot which has become extremely problematic for our cells in the field."

Lotus: "Do not dismiss the Jackal as just another Corpus proxy. This will be unlike any enemy you have faced yet."

Mission taunts

"Trivial threat detected."

"Enemy analysis: Organic. Threat level: Impotent."

"Threat level upgraded. Classification: Pathetic."

"Prototype engagement test: Ready. Tenno destruction analytics: Recording."

The older version of the Jackal still persists in the game in the Jackal's numerous appearances outside its Assassination mission, as detailed in the current Jackal Dialogue page.

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