Fusion Moa Exterminate Weekend

Fusion Moa Event splash

03 May 2013 – 06 May 2013

Intel videos

On 01 May 2013, a video titled Lotus Intel 1 was released with the description "We received a cryptic message from the Lotus. What does it mean?". The video was an image of a damaged the Corpus console with voiceover from the Lotus:

Lotus: "Attention all Tenno: a new threat is imminent. I am detecting a massive movement of Corpus troops originating from an unknown location. Their destination is uncertain, though it may be linked to an intel fragment that has been uncovered by Tenno operatives. Until the threat is determined, stay on high alert."

The image was of a Corpus data console or tablet with the text (in Corpus):

Moa Name TBD
Highly effective versus Tenno

Underneath the text was a schematic of a Fusion Moa, with labels indicating "death beam" and "drone deployer". The screen is cracked, and much of the schematic and other text is indiscernible.

On 02 May 2013, a video titled Lotus Intel 2 was released with the description "The Lotus has intercepted a Corpus transmission, calling all Tenno to aid in deciphering!". The video was scrolling text in Corpus with no sound.

The Key Works

We will profit. Orokin salvage is incredible. The weapon fusion was a success. The new machines eviscerated our captured Tenno specimen. There are millions prepared. Should we launch? The traitorous Lotus will not be forever blind to our plan.

Please advise,
Collector Apacus

At the very end of the video, a Fusion Moa is shown for a single frame.


On Friday (03 May 2013), the event began with the release of Update 7.10.0 and was set to run through the weekend. Upon logging in and selecting the event, Tenno received these transmissions on the Starchart:

Lotus: "The Corpus have deployed millions of Orokin-infused Moas in Europa. All Tenno must work together to eradicate this threat." [picture of standard Moa]

Lotus: "If we wipe out this entire force in time, their point of origin will be revealed. We suspect a valuable Relic may be of use to us." [picture of Frost Prime blueprint, obscured until the Tenno has killed a Fusion Moa]

Mechanics and Rewards

Tenno were tasked with killing Fusion Moas, a new enemy unit which appeared in normal Corpus missions on Europa. A global health bar representing the strength of the Fusion Moa army was displayed on the Starchart and went down from 100% to 0% as the Warframe playerbase killed Moas over the weekend. Every Tenno who killed at least one Fusion Moa received 100.000 credits and a Frost Prime blueprint when the event concluded on Monday (06 May 2013). The top 100 Tenno who killed the most Fusion Moas received the Thunderbolt mod. The top 25 Tenno received the Handspring mod in addition, and the top 10 Tenno also received the Retribution mod. These three mods were released with Update 7.10.0 along with the event.


On 06 May 2013, the event ended with this message:

Notice: The following Tenno have been added to the Corpus most-wanted list in connection with a recent incident in the Europa region. The Corpus board has declared years imprisonment in their research facilities equal to the number of Fusion Moas killed by the offender.

Reports indicate 2.3 million Fusion Moas were destroyed in two days. The remaining prototypes have scattered throughout Corpus-controlled space.

However, the Lotus is pleased. Very pleased. In future expect real-time Operation data for lists like this. The top 100 will receive new Mod technology to further the destruction of our enemies.

[list of top 100 players]

The following Tenno Clans contributed the most to this Operation. We expect future operations will reward these Clans with Dojo-specific objects of high esteem. For now, know that the Lotus holds these Clans and their Warlords in high regard and permits them to forgo humility (for a brief period).

[list of top 100 clans]

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