Artefact Defence Event

Artefact Defence Event splash

21 June 2013 – 24 June 2013

Dispatch from the Lotus

On Thursday, 20 June 2013, the following message was posted: "Attention all Tenno: we have found three rare Artefacts in transit throughout the System. We believe that enemy forces may have obtained knowledge of these shipments and are moving to intercept them. The Artefacts will be in transit for the next three days. If an Artefact is threatened, I will send out an alert beacon requesting defence forces. Attacks could come at any time and these Artefacts are vital to our cause. Stay vigilant."


Throughout the weekend, alert missions occurred randomly with the title "Secure the Artefact". These missions would be of variable wave length (15 to 25 waves) and faction, and would reward one of three new artefacts (now known as Auras): Corrosive Projection, Shield Disruption, and Infested Impedance.

There were no other messages or transmissions regarding this event or its conclusion.

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