Snowday Showdown

16 December 2016 – 19 December 2016

Snowday Showdown was a Christmas-themed Tactical Alert running in December 2016.


Snowday Showdown was a Conclave Team Annihilation variant where each Tenno was equipped with a Solstice Spheres snowball throwing weapon, Solstice Scythe melee weapon, 100 health, and no shields. Tenno fought against other Tenno in teams of 4 on Conclave maps. The Tactical Alert was described on the World State Window as "A frosty skirmish of snowballs and minty melee mayhem."

Each day of the Tactical Alert, Tenno had to complete 3 rounds of Snowday Showdown (regardless of victory or defeat) in order to win a reward. On 16 December, the reward was a Wreath sigil; on the 17th, a Nistlebrush sigil; on the 18th, an Orokin Catalyst; and on the 19th, the Polar Glaxion skin. To receive all four rewards, Tenno had to complete 3 rounds on each of the four days (12 rounds total over the course of the Tactical Alert). At the end of the Tactical Alert, the Tenno received an inbox message from Ordis containing all the rewards they earned.

Inbox message:
There's Been an Intruder!

Operator, alert!

Ordis awoke from deep-diagnostic scans to find this item had been placed beside the central-heating exhaust vent. Surrounding it was a pile of melting snowballs and note that reads:

"Merry Solstice to all, and to all a good fight."

The notion that some shady individual is slinking through the exhaust system while we rest disturbs Ordis immensely. Shall I devise a way to vaporise this mysterious gifter should they return?


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