Eliminate a Ghoul Alpha

Hunt down a ghoul alpha and weaken their presence on the Plains.

This is one of the four possible bounties that can show up on Konzu's bounty board in Cetus during Operation: Ghoul Purge. This bounty has the Tenno assassinate a ghoul alpha, and always ends with the stage "Assassination". Below are the unique dialogue lines that are heard when beginning and ending the bounty, and when running the different stages. The "Cache Recovery", "Resource Theft", and "Supply Sabotage" stages do not seem to appear in this bounty. All five possible stages are listed below, but each bounty will have a maximum of four stages.

Bounty Start

Konzu: "Ghouls are hideous things, ready to kill the moment they take their first breath. Thing is, they're dumb as the dirt that birthed them. But now… now we've got a smart one. Leading the pack, coordinating. There's nothing more dangerous than a ghoul with a brain. Track it down and take it out."

Lotus: "Konzu has identified an alpha ghoul wreaking havoc on the Plains. Locate and eliminate them."


Lotus: "A ghoul defector was captured in a botched assassination attempt. Rescue them before they're executed."

(upon arriving at the waypoint) Lotus: "Steel Meridian have identified a ghoul who may be a candidate for defection. Unfortunately, the Grineer have already come to the same conclusion. I need you to rescue this individual before it's too late."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Debriefing the defector now. Keep moving while I process this intel."


Lotus: "Intel suggests our next capture target has intel on the ghoul alpha. Bring them to me."

(upon arriving at the waypoint) Lotus: "Something makes these ghouls different from other Grineer. I need to know what. Bring me one for study."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Interesting. Deep scans show this ghoul may be vulnerable to ultra-refined grokdrul. This information could help us."


Lotus: "Before we can take out the alpha, we need to thin the ghoul herd. I am sending a grokdrul injector your way."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "The grokdrul is doing its work. Now we can focus on our target."

Ghoul Hunt

Lotus: "Our target is still in hiding. Let's prod their loyalties: a full frontal assault on a ghoul burial ground may draw them out."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Here we go. Your assault has stirred up communications across the Plains. Analysing now."


This is always the last stage of the bounty.

Lotus: "Your hard work has borne fruit: I have located our target."

(upon arriving at the waypoint) Lotus: "Every pack has an alpha. I've identified one. Draw out this ghoul and destroy it."

(upon completing the bounty) Konzu: "Killer, you did it. That alpha ghoul's pushing up Dragonlilies. The rest of them shouldn't be too difficult for one of your comrades to clean up."

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