Eris fragments


There are no longer any active military or research campaigns in the Eris region – it is overrun. Long-evacuated Corpus and Grineer vessels drift aimlessly in orbit, slowly being devoured by the techno-organic parasite known as the “Infestation”. What remains is a twisted graveyard of partially digested ships that are disfigured versions of their original forms… abandoned, but not unoccupied.

Warframe Technology

A mysterious weaponised armour controlled solely by the Tenno. Through the warframe, Tenno can cheat death, channel the forbidden Void energies and face scores of enemies without fatigue. Due to apparent resistances of their bio-metal exoskeletons, warframes can be safely deployed to Infestation outbreaks, should they occur. In-depth information of the Warframe Mandate is forbidden to all but the Seven.


The Infestation spreads across the Origin System – a techno-organic parasite that attaches itself to natural and synthetic forms, slowly digesting the host subject and transforming it on a molecular level. Organic materials morph into new homogeneous organisms while harder, inorganic materials, like metals, will change structurally into a pseudo-organic substance that holds the characteristics of its previous forms.

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