Empyrean Corpus

A promo image for the Corpus Proxima update, showing the main room of an anchor field generator, with Empyrean Moas and Crewmen stationed inside.
Corpus Proxima promo image

The Corpus units encountered in Empyrean gameplay are unique variants, and are listed below. All units, except for Aurax units, ramsleds (including Comet Shards), and jamming specialists (Optios/Tarask Bursas), have a prefix indicating their region of operation: Taro for Venus Proxima, Axio for Neptune Proxima, Vorac for Pluto Proxima, and Orm for Veil Proxima. The Taro/Axio/Vorac/Orm variants also have different colour schemes, but otherwise have identical characteristics (with the exception of Crewships, which have additional defences and abilities in more advanced regions).


Attack fighter armed with rapid-fire plasma cannon. Deployed to [Venus/Neptune/Pluto/Veil] Proxima.


This fighter attacks with a tracking turret that delivers focused bursts from its energy beam. Deployed to [Venus/Neptune/Pluto/Veil] Proxima.


This Corpus fighter spins and launches target-seeking globes of highly charged plasma. Deployed to [Venus/Neptune/Pluto/Veil] Proxima.

Elite Harpi

The elite incarnation of this Corpus attack fighter gains the ability to teleport-dash short distances, leaving a blinding flare in its wake. Deployed to [Venus/Neptune/Pluto/Veil] Proxima.

Elite Basilisk

The elite incarnation of this Corpus fighter. It attacks with a swivel turret that locks on and then focuses its triple-beam array, delivering continuous damage. Deployed to [Venus/Neptune/Pluto/Veil] Proxima.

Elite Weaver

The elite incarnation of this Corpus fighter fires a shotgun blast of slow-moving plasma globes. Deployed to [Venus/Neptune/Pluto/Veil] Proxima.


Protected by frontal shields and armed with a high-discharge plasma cannon. Deployed to [Venus/Neptune/Pluto/Veil] Proxima.

Taro Crewship

Light Corpus support Crewship armed with rapid-fire cannons.

Axio Crewship

Medium Crewship armed with mini-missiles and ramsleds for boarding. Protected by a Shielding Satellite.

Vorac Crewship

Heavy Crewship fitted with assault beams, boarding ramsleds, and missile swarms.

Orm Crewship

Heavy Crewship fitted with assault beams, boarding ramsleds, and missile swarms. Deploys a drone to shield allied fighter craft. Armour reinforced with security nodes.


Trained to fly Crewships and armed with a laser pistol.

Corpus Ramsled

This missile-like landing craft penetrates enemy hulls to deliver a payload of fierce raiders.


Specialist boarding unit, armed with repeat scatter blaster for shredding enemy personnel.


Specialist boarding unit trained to wreak havoc on crew and equipment with his proximity-grenade launcher.


Specialist boarding unit, armed with an impact-hammer capable of rapidly disabling critical ship systems.

Aurax Actinic

An elite unit that shocks and staggers with snares from his Protonex snare.

Aurax Baculus

Trained in the art of deflection, this elite melee fighter uses his high-discharge staff to block most incoming, forward fire.

Aurax Vertec

Wields a devastating rotary laser cannon. Trained to clear entire hot zones with deadly efficiency.

Aurax Culveri Moa

Elite robotic walker, armed with a high-intensity thermal beam.

Aurax Polaris Moa

Elite robotic walker, armed with twin heat-sapping cryo beams.

Aurax Atloc Raknoid

Raknoid robotic unit upgraded with a thorax-mounted missile launcher.


A high-ranking Corpus official who is armed with a powerful cryo beam and deploys Cryo Sentries.

Tarask Bursa

Elite Corpus robot. Launches tether-mines to ensnare opponents. Kinetic gun blasts have a strong knockback effect. Deploys defensive Aurax Moas to shield itself.

Secura Osprey

Carries countermeasures that interfere with hacking.1

Cannon Battery

Inflicts moderate damage at a fast rate.

Comet Shard

Steel-clad frozen comet chunk capable of icing up target vessels.

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  1. This unit is named "Taro Secura Ospey" regardless of sector.

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