Teshin Dialogue: Orowyrm fight

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At the end of each Spiral in Duviri, the Drifter will face the Orowyrm of the day. Teshin acts as mission control, guiding the Drifter through the tasks necessary to take it down. The Drifter will also hear taunts from Dominus Thrax and the Orowyrm character themself.

Upon completing Spiral tasks

Teshin: "You will need my Orvius to challenge this Orowyrm. Find it."

Teshin: "The Orowyrm must be subdued. For that, I offer you my Orvius. The rest is up to you."

Teshin: "Our mutual friend waits with my Orvius. If you desire to subdue this Orowyrm, take it."

When the Orowyrm appears

(Joy) Teshin: "Mathila's Orowyrm seeks to inflict her idea of happiness on all of Duviri. Subdue this tyranny."

(Joy) Teshin: "Mathila the Orowyrm rejoices in her dominion. The Void itself is her plaything today."

(Anger) Teshin: "Lodun is filled with fury. He will scorch the earth."

(Anger) Teshin: "Subdue Lodun's Orowyrm before all Duviri is consumed by his anger."

(Envy) Teshin: "The Orowyrm Bombastine is as jealous as his master. He craves the validation of victory."

(Envy) Teshin: "Bombastine's bitter envy seethes with venom and spite."

(Sorrow) Teshin: "Luscinia's coils are racked with sorrow on this day. Her heart is ice, her breath a blizzard."

(Sorrow) Teshin: "The Wyrm of Sorrow is ravening with despair. She will make all Duviri mourn with her."

(Fear) Teshin: "All Duviri lives in terror of the Orowyrm Sythel. Subdue her so that Duviri may have calm, if only for a day."

(Fear) Teshin: "The Orowyrm Sythel flies in the stark terror of the storm, lightning-fanged. All fear her."

While chasing the Orowyrm

Teshin: "The Orowyrm cannot be subdued out in the open. Use the Orvius and find a way to force it back to its lair."

Teshin: "To tame a wild kaithe, it must be ridden. The Orowyrm is no different."

Mathila: "Look how big I am!" [laughs]

Mathila: "Chase me!"

Mathila: "Well? Come on, then!"

Mathila: "You can't catch me!"

Lodun: "You would goad a DRAGON?!"

Lodun: "You provoke me at your peril!"

Lodun: "You play with fire, fool!"

Lodun: "For this shall you lament and repent!"

Bombastine: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"

Bombastine: "I see you, chasing me!"

Bombastine: "You wish you were this fast."

Bombastine: [laughs] "You're beneath me and you always will be."

Luscinia: "Do not follow me. This is NOT your concern."

Luscinia: "Leave me alone. No further warnings."

Luscinia: "You are only making things worse!"

Luscinia: "This is futile. Stop."

Sythel: "Stop following me!"

Sythel: "I know what you're planning!"

Sythel: "You don't have to do this."

Sythel: "Get back!"

Upon grappling the Orowyrm

Mathila: "Oh no you don't!"

Mathila: "Oohoo! Oh, that tickles!"

Mathila: "And where do you think you're going?"

Mathila: "You'd better hold tight!"

Lodun: "Aagh! Begone, vermin!"

Lodun: "Miserable! TICK!"

Lodun: "You! DARE?!"

Lodun: "Off! OFF!"

Bombastine: "Off you get, leech."

Bombastine: "No hangers-on!"

Bombastine: "This is not a free ride."

Bombastine: "Get your filthy hands off me!"

Luscinia: "Another burden."

Luscinia: "I will not carry you."

Luscinia: "I will make you regret this."

Luscinia: "Enough!"

Sythel: "Eurgh, its fingers are like slugs!"

Sythel: "Augh! It's crawling on me!"

Sythel: "No! Please! Don't hurt me!"

Sythel: "I… I don't want this!"

Teshin: "You've mounted the beast, but are you in control?"

Teshin: "You are nothing more than a passenger. Seize control."

Teshin: "Good. Now, overcome its mind."

Teshin: "Master the brute while you can!"

Upon successful Transference

Teshin: "Now, use the beast. Destroy Thrax's bonds."

Teshin: "You have control. Cut the ties that bind."

After destroying the wyrm tethers

Teshin: "Quickly, take the beast through the portal."

Teshin: "Force the creature through that portal. Only in its lair will it be vulnerable."

Teshin: "Force the beast back to its domain."

When the courtyard battle begins

Teshin: "The beast is cornered. Wear it down, but be alert. Wyrms have many tricks."

Teshin: "An enemy that cannot retreat is the most dangerous, for they have nothing left to lose."

Teshin: "This ruin offers little shelter. Stay mobile."

Archgun drop

Teshin: "A Tenno Archgun has manifested. They must feel the situation is truly desperate."

Teshin: "The Tenno seek to assist you. The weapon they have sent is inelegant, but devastating."

Teshin: "Through the Paradox, the Tenno have sent a formidable weapon. Let us hope it turns the tide."

When kaithes appear (Steel Path)

Teshin: "The kaithes are your salvation!"

Teshin: "Find a mount or perish!"

After killing Wyrmlings (Steel Path)

Dominus Thrax: "Your struggles are always entertaining. But we both know they're useless."

Dominus Thrax: "You're getting nooo-wheeere! Anyone with half a brain would just give up."

Dominus Thrax: "You're pathetic and helpless, and nobody cares about you."

Dominus Thrax: "You were livestock. Slaughtered at my command every day. Why pretend you're anything else?"

After depleting a third of its health

Mathila: "Nearly got you there!"

Mathila: "Are you as excited as I am?"

Mathila: "Come on! You can do it!"

Mathila: "Am I going too easy on you?"

Lodun: [laughs] "Your confidence is misplaced!"

Lodun: "I'll pound you to a sodding paste! Just wait!"

Lodun: "You mock me for the last time!"

Lodun: "I'll grab you by the heels and smash your shitty brains out on a rock!"

Bombastine: "This isn't fair! I deserve this victory!"

Bombastine: "Don't you DARE deny me this!"

Bombastine: "Did SHE put you up to this?"

Bombastine: "You wouldn't take these liberties with any OTHER wyrm!"

Luscinia: "You should have fled while you still could!"

Luscinia: "I shall provide you with reasons aplenty to mourn."

Luscinia: "Back into the pit with you!"

Luscinia: "Misery shall have company. I swear it."

Sythel: "What happened to my legs? What happened to ME?"

Sythel: "I'm going to be trapped in this ugly form forever and ever!"

Sythel: "Got to get OUT!"

Sythel: "I'll drag you down with me! Don't think I won't!"

After depleting another third of its health

Mathila: "Yes! YES! Release your negativity!"

Mathila: "Keep going! I am LOVING this!"

Mathila: "Growth through conflict!"

Mathila: "I feel radiant!"

Lodun: "You cross a deadly line, fool."

Lodun: "You've had your fun. Now I have MINE!"

Lodun: "A FATAL mistake, as you will soon LEARN!"

Lodun: "Will you just PISS OFF?"

Bombastine: "Well, aren't you persistent."

Bombastine: "What enviable determination."

Bombastine: "I'll devour everything that makes you, you."

Bombastine: "I'll take your face and make it my new mask!"

Luscinia: "I feel you will regret this rashness."

Luscinia: "You have suffered. You shall suffer again."

Luscinia: "Tuneless, tone-deaf ingrates!"

Luscinia: "I will no longer be victim to your pathetic cruelty!"

Sythel: "Oh Void, oh no. Oh nononono no!"

Sythel: "There's no way out of here."

Sythel: "Get them away from me!"

Sythel: "Thrax! Majesty! HELP MEEE!"

Dominus Thrax: "Look at the beautiful Wyrmlings! How loyal they are!"

Dominus Thrax: "Wyrmlings only emerge when fresh meat is nearby."

Dominus Thrax: "The little ones would gladly die for their creator!"

Teshin: "Find a way to stop its spawn!"

After defeating the Orowyrm


Lodun: "I'M BURNING!"

Bombastine: "IT'S NOT FAIIIIRRR!"

Luscinia: "We are united."1

Sythel: "I KNEW IT!"

Teshin: "Emotion is no longer in turmoil. The calm of the true warrior has prevailed."

Teshin: "Bravely done. For this one night at least, Duviri is calm."

Dominus Thrax: "What did you do? I'm… I'm sleepy."

Dominus Thrax: "What happened? My head… why can't I remember?"

Dominus Thrax: "I feel… nothing."

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  1. Prior to Update 33.0.11, this line said "In sorrow…."

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