Tagfer Dialogue: Netracells

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Tagfer guides the Tenno during Netracell missions in Albrecht's laboratories. This mission sees the Tenno find and unlock one of Albrecht Entrati's Netracells to obtain rare goods and valuable intel. Netracell missions are only seen on a single mission node: Testudo, Deimos. This node does not appear on the Starchart, and can only be accessed by talking to Tagfer in the Sanctum Anatomica. Archon Hunt difficulty modifiers are active by default. Like all Albrecht's Lab missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Whispers in the Walls quest.

The Tenno will spawn in the Anchorhold, where four pillars will hold four random Keyglyphs. At least one Keyglyph of each type must be taken by the squad, but there is no limit to the number of Keyglyphs a Tenno can carry, so one member can carry all four and the others none (however, if a Tenno dies and there is no other Tenno carrying the correct Keyglyph, the mission cannot be completed). Each Keyglpyh imposes a debuff on the carrier (or a buff to the enemy).

After taking the Keyglyphs, a terminal can be hacked to access the rest of the labs. The Tenno must find the Netracell, which is hidden somewhere in the labs. The Tenno can opt to search for it, or they can hack three terminals scattered around the map, which will successively narrow down the Netracell's location.

Once the Netracell is located and the correct Keyglyph inserted in its security terminal, an area nearby will be marked on the minimap, and a "Netracell alert level" meter will appear on the HUD, starting at 100%. The Tenno must kill enemies within the marked zone to lower the alert level. At roughly 67% and 33% alert level, a Necramite will appear elsewhere on the map, and must be destroyed in order to continue the process.

Once the security level has dropped to 0%, the Tenno can interact with the Netracell security terminal to open the Netracell and loot its contents, before returning to the Sanctum.

Mission start

"The Anchorhold, where Albrecht stored the Keyglyphs. Grab 'em. No wrong answers; they all suck. But you're not cracking the Netracell without them."

"Albrecht designed the Netracell's Keyglyphs to hobble anyone carrying them. Meat for the lab's defences. Buuut those same defences will see you as undesirable. Easy come, easy go. To leave the Anchorhold, you need all four Keyglyphs. Good luck to ya."

"You or your squad need to grab all four of these Keyglyphs. Pick your poison, pal. I won't lie, there's no version a' this that feels good."

"This is gonna hurt. You need all four Keyglyphs from these pillars. Choose your pain. It's the only way to open a Netracell."

If the Tenno idle

"If you want to find out what Albrecht was up to in that Netracell you'll need one of each Keyglyph."

"Listen: you're not getting out of the Anchorhold without all four Keyglyphs."

"Take your Keyglyphs and get to it. C'mon."

Once all Keyglyphs have been taken

"You got ya glyphs, so hit the terminal to exit into the labs."

"Ready? To leave the Anchorhold, access that terminal."

"Only one way out of the Anchorhold. Use that terminal."

After entering the labs

"That was the easy part. Now you have to find the Netracell. Albrecht left terminals coded with partial coordinates in these halls. Yeah, even he got lost down here."

"The Netracell is hidden somewhere in these labs. Sniff it out yourself or get control of terminals – they'll tell you where it is."

"The Netracell is deep in this lab-maze. Get control of a few terminals. That'll help you zero in on 'em."

Arriving at the Netracell

"That's the Netracell. Open it."

"This is it. Use the Keyglyph and… get ready for whatever happens next."

"Using the Keyglyphs will open the Netracell. So be ready."

Inserting an incorrect Keyglyph

"Right door, wrong keyglyph. Try a different one."

"Wrong Keyglyph. Try another one."

"That wasn't the right Keyglyph. Try again."

Inserting the correct Keyglyph

"Security's freaking out. The Netracell doors won't open 'til you clear out the uglies around the entrance."

"I was afraid of this. Netracell's security system won't open with all the uglies around. Clear 'em out. And make sure the system can see you doing it."

"We ain't done. Local threats are triggering a security override. Clear out the uglies to pop the door."

Necramite spawn

"Something's going on with— argh, Necramites. Trying to lock this thing down. Take 'em out. We ain't got all day."

"Albrecht's damn Necramites are reinforcing the Netracell. Your hands are tied until you knock 'em out."

"Necramites are slowing us down. Find 'em, smash 'em."

When security level drops to 50%

"Security level dropping. Don't quit now. I gotta know what's in that Netracell."

"It's working. You gotta keep going."

"Keep thinning them out."

"Security level dropping. Hit 'em til they stop moving."

Opening the Netracell

"You're in. Grab and go. Can't wait to see what you got when you get back here."

"Albrecht didn't want anyone in here. I want to know why."

"Take whatever Albrecht was hiding and get back to the Sanctum."

Collecting loot

"I wonder what Albrecht planned on doing with that?"

[short sigh] "Not what I was looking for, but if you're happy, I'm happy."

"Nothing about Albrecht? [sigh] Okay. Next time."

"Bet you can make use of that."

"Not what I was hoping for, but… that could still come in handy."

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