Fibonacci Dialogue: Alchemy

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Alchemy is a new mission type that sees the Tenno gather base elemental Amphors and combine them to make complex elements. Alchemy missions are only seen on a single mission node: Cambire, Deimos. Mission control is handled by Fibonacci. Like all Albrecht's Lab missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Whispers in the Walls quest.

Alchemy requires the Tenno to find a device called a Crucible. The Crucible will create one of the six complex elements (Blast, Corrosive, Gas, Magnetic, Radiation, or Viral). The element will be shown in the HUD, along with meters for its constituent basic elements. Killed enemies may drop Amphors corresponding to one of the four basic elements (Cold, Electricity, Heat, or Toxin). The Tenno must collect Amphors of the appropriate type and throw them at the Crucible in order to fill the meter. The meters for both constituent elements must be filled separately to complete the mixture. Amphors can also be thrown at enemies, acting as grenades of elemental damage.

Once the mixture is complete, the Crucible will begin converting the elements into the final complex element, a process that is represented by a "Conversion Progress" meter in the HUD. During this process, the Tenno will receive a buff of the corresponding complex element to their weapon damage. The Crucible's pressure will steadily rise during this time; the Tenno must keep the pressure within a defined pressure interval (by destroying Distressed Pipes to release pressure) or conversion progress will be quite slow. If the pressure exceeds the maximum, the mission will fail. Once the conversion process is half complete, the pressure interval will shift, requiring the Tenno to adjust the pressure accordingly to maintain optimal conversion speed. Once the process is complete, the Tenno will receive a rotation reward. Alchemy mission is an endless game mode, and the Tenno can complete as many Crucibles as they desire before leaving.

Mission start

"Heat, cold, toxin, and electricity, 'the elemental forces that create our universe'. To wield them, Papa invented the Crucibles, incredible devices capable of fusing these elements into the 'complex elemental forces'. Forces we require to complete Papa's vision. I have marked a Crucible. Go there now."

"Papa knew that the path to understanding this universe lay in mastering the elemental forces. So Papa invented the Crucibles, alchemic devices for combining the simple elemental forces into complex forces. Through the Crucibles, Papa's work can live on."

Approaching Crucible

"A Crucible. You must feed it the correct Amphors: capsules of elemental forces, compressed to a near-impossible density. Volatile enough to be used as a grenade, should the need present itself. The problem? Our adversaries have taken Papa's Amphors. Be a dear and repatriate them."

"This Crucible requires feeding with the prescribed elemental forces. These can be found within the Amphors. Retrieve them from the Murmur and put them to use. Or, if emergency arises, hurl them at your assailants and observe the results. [chuckle] Stupid mineral things."


(Blast) "The Crucible creates Blast force. Gather Heat and Cold Amphors."

(Blast) "Bring hot and cold together. It's a blast! Hahahahaha."

(Blast) "Within this Crucible, Heat and Cold birth a Blast force."

(Corrosive) "Corrosive force results from the interplay of electricity and toxicity."

(Corrosive) "To produce Corrosion, you'll require Amphors of Toxin and Electricity."

(Corrosive) "Take Toxin and Electrical Amphors, mix well, and presto! Corrosion shall result."

(Gas) "This Crucible creates Gas. Feed it Heat and Toxin Amphors."

(Gas) "Gas elemental force, hmm! Heat and Toxin Amphors required."

(Magnetic) "Magnetic Crucible: the forces of electricity and extreme cold are required for this alchemy."

(Magnetic) "Unlike conventional science, Alchemy produces Magnetic energy by blending cold and electricity. Mm."

(Magnetic) "A magnetic force can be created by electrical stimulation of an intensely cold subject."

(Radiation) "A Radiation Crucible. Key Amphors are Heat and Electricity."

(Radiation) "This Crucible craves Heat and Electricity. Together, they will yield Radiation."

(Radiation) "Combine Electricity with Heat to make Radiation."

(Viral) "Viral Elemental. Hmm. You'll require Toxin and Cold Amphors."

(Viral) "Papa's darkest Alchemic texts direct us to combine Cold with Toxin; a Viral elemental force shall surely result."

(Viral) "Viral energy is extremely dangerous. Mingle your Toxin and Cold Amphors with caution."

If the Tenno idles

"Quickly now, throw the elemental Amphors at the Crucible. Well, go on!"

"Don't just stand there. The Crucible requires the prescribed Amphors to work! Bloody bipeds."

"You must lob the correct Amphors towards the Crucible!"

Crucible filled

"Now for the Alchemy. Manage the venting system to keep pressure within the desired range."

"Now the tricky part: pressure management. Stay limber, biped. You know, with your limbs!"

"On your toes! We must keep the pressure in range."

"Crucible: under pressure, mmm. Let's keep the system cooking, shall we?"

Pressure too high

"The process will not succeed if pressure continues to rise. Open the release valve."

"Shoot the valve to release pressure."

"Release valve pressure now."

"Should pressure exceed mandated tolerances, your work shall be for naught. Hit the release valve."

Pressure interval changing

"We have a new pressure target."

[gasp] "Our pressure target is shifting!"

"Oh. New pressure band identified!"

"Hmm. Pressure calibration changing."

Rotation complete

"Would you look at that, the purity! Do it again!"

"Ah, progress. Eh, but we require more. Again!"

"Success! A new complex element has been created. Locating the next Crucible."

"Why… I do say. It's perfect. …Make another."

"Shazam! What a gorgeous samp— who's a pretty sample? You are, you're a pretty sample, aren't you? Create another."

Extraction available

"Papa's vessels move one step closer to completion, huzzah! Should you feel the need to withdraw, the path to the Sanctum is open to you, naturally."

"When need arises, you may return to the Sanctum. Until then, give the Murmur hell."

"Formidable progress! I urge you: keep the Crucibles firing! Should opposition grow too great, of course, return home."

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