Ostron Cuisine

Chimurr: Fill the gourd with bomba leaves, then add steaming water and imbibe through a burnished juta reed. A very old Ostron tradition. To serve it to guests signifies union and friendship.

Harpu: Fresh-brewed chimurr with melted vobi butter creates a filling, tasty beverage. It is often bulked out with salt and balb flour. Always served hot.

Daku liquor: Highly sought after. The Suma Doni (a lowlands marsupial) eats the peca nut, then excretes a fine paste. It is from this paste that the Ostrons make daku liquor.

Golden caviar: Harvested from abyssal depths such as the Geonate Shelf.

Kubuchi: Fermented sorghum. Cheap liquor. No Ostron would be caught drinking it in public. Any offworlder who does is immediately seen as a greenhorn and an easy mark.

Wine: Some merchants claim to be able to imbue a bottle with the 'etheric signature' of a person one wishes to be rid of. Drink them in the evening, expel them by morning.

Ito-da (termite droppings): Mineral-dense. Will keep a traveller going long after hunger should have dropped them.

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