Warframe: GHOULS, Part Four

The cover art for Warframe: GHOULS Part Four, by Kevin Glint. The art depicts Little Duck and Mag fighting off a horde of Infested, while Mitsuki stands by behind them.
Cover art – Kevin Glint

The fourth instalment of the Warframe: GHOULS comic series, produced in partnership with Top Cow Productions, was released on 18 April 2018. Below is a synopsis of the comic.

Previous issue: GHOULS Part Three


Mag and Little Duck fight off the Infested while Mitsuki, blind and confused, ponders how the treasures of the Orokin could end up infested by monsters. Little Duck concludes, with resignation, that they are in a death trap, saying "I'm too damn old to die in a body I don't own." During a lull in the fighting, Mitsuki, whose health is swiftly declining, insists that the Orokin's technology made them miracle workers, and even if they are long dead, there must be something on the ship that can heal her. Little Duck reminds Mag of the device mentioned by the Lotus – the Arogya Medica – and the group head for its location, hoping that it can be used to cleanse the ghoul poison in Mitsuki's veins.

They fight their way through the Infested as Little Duck reminisces about how she became a Rail agent in order to quickly pay off her rig, instead finding herself in dangerous situations such as this. She is attacked from behind and drops her rifle. Mag, fighting off a different wave of Infested, is too far away to help. Mitsuki, though almost paralysed at this point, finds the Buzlok and tosses it to Little Duck just in time for the Rail agent to save herself. Another Infested attacks Mitsuki, and she thinks to herself that at least she "didn't die a burden" before she falls unconscious. Little Duck shoots the creature and picks up the Ostron girl in her arms, angrily insisting to Mag that they owe Mitsuki for saving them, and that they must bring her to the Medica. Mag does not respond, which Little Duck initially interprets as disagreement, but the Tenno eventually leads them to the device.

The group arrive at the Arogya Medica's chamber and seal the door behind them. Upon seeing the device, Mag is briefly stunned. The Orokin technology, which is familiar to her, triggers recollections of Hunhow, the Stalker, and the Lotus, possibly due to its similarity to a Somatic Link chair. Little Duck snaps her out of it, and the two of them place Mitsuki in the device's seat. Infested creatures attack the chamber, and Mag uses her powers to pile up rubble against the door, reinforcing it.

Meanwhile, Captain Vor's ships arrive at the cave, disgorging entire platoons of Grineer soldiers and ghouls. Vor remarks with satisfaction that "ladder-climber" Vay Hek could not match this achievement, and after another rousing speech, orders his Grineer through the portal. The captain's excitement at finding the treasures of the Orokin vanishes immediately as he steps through the portal and sees his troops engaged in pitched battle against Infested monsters. He exhorts his troops and enters the fighting himself with his Seer pistol, while commanding some Grineer to hack the data panel. However, the ship's security system notes that the Medica has been activated and detects the hostile intruders, and deploys countermeasures: flying neural sentry masks that zip through the air and implant themselves on the faces of the trespassers – Grineer and Infested alike – turning them into Corrupted soldiers to protect the ship. Vor orders his soldiers to tighten formation in order to avoid the flying masks, and they begin fighting their Corrupted former brothers.

In the Arogya Medica chamber, Little Duck watches the door as the sounds of Infested steadily grow louder. She notes that, despite the Solaris' cultural affinity for technology, the Orokin machine is beyond her understanding. Mag turns to the control panels and gets to work. Little Duck questions her ability to operate it, but the warframe does not respond. The Medica crackles with electricity and the device briefly lifts off the ground and hovers. Mitsuki screams in agony as energy courses through her. Mag powers down the machine while Little Duck expresses concern. Mitsuki groans as she steps out of the Medica and removes the bandages from her face, revealing solid white eyes with new golden somatics implanted around them. "What have you done?" she asks.

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