Corpus Commander Dialogue

At Kepler, Phobos, there is a damaged Corpus capital ship with transport ships offloading valuable salvage. The Tenno is sent to take out the transports with their Archwing, denying the Corpus any return on their investment.

The salvage operation is overseen by a Corpus Commander, who resembles a Slo Comba. During the mission, dialogue lines will be heard either from the Lotus or from the Commander.

Mission start

The mission starts with the Tenno spawning into the Corpus Ship Archwing tileset, far away from the loading docks where the transports are. A timer counts down the time when all the transports will have left. The Tenno must race through the ship to the loading dock and destroy the ships before the timer runs out. Corpus Archwing enemies and Stasis Mines will attempt to slow down and engage the Tenno throughout the ship.

Lotus: "This is a race against time. Reach the loading bay and destroy the transport ships before they can escape."

Lotus: "We don't have much time. Race to the loading docks and destroy enemy transports before they can escape."

Corpus Commander: "It's the Tenno! Launch all offensive units. This is not a drill."

Corpus Commander: "Transports, prepare for evacuation. The Tenno are here to steal our profits."

Corpus Commander: "Tenno assailants approaching fast. We must protect the product. Transports, initiate emergency departure."

Corpus Commander: "Move fast, Corpus, the Betrayers are coming. Ready the transports. We have orders from the top: protect that product."

When the Tenno is halfway to the loading docks

Lotus: "You've hit the midpoint. Don't stop now."

Lotus: "You're halfway there."

Corpus Commander: "They're too close. Forget everything but the high-credit product and go."

Corpus Commander: "Interceptors?! They're flying right past you. Why do they call you Interceptors if you don't intercept?"

Corpus Commander: "In the name of the Void, protect our product! Save our profits!"

Corpus Commander: "[sigh] The Board isn't going to be happy about this."

Corpus Commander: "A credit bonus for any transport crew who escapes the Tenno raiders. That, and the opportunity to keep living."

When the Tenno is close to the loading docks

Lotus: "You've almost reached the loading docks."

Lotus: "You've almost made it."

When time is running out

Lotus: "Tenno, hurry. The first transport is almost loaded."

Lotus: "You're running out of time. The first transport is about to depart."

Upon reaching the loading dock

At the loading dock, the Tenno will be waypointed to the transports, one at a time. Each transport is protected by two Shield Orbiters, a Nemes Ranger and Nemes Scout. They must both be destroyed before the transport can be damaged.

Corpus Commander: "Transports, deploy shield Orbiters. Protect your cargo!"

Corpus Commander: "Transports, all power to shield Orbiters. Now!"

When Shield Orbiters are destroyed

Corpus Commander: "Transport. You're vulnerable. Get out of there!"

Lotus: "Shields down. Open fire."

When a transport begins moving

Corpus Commander: "Load complete? Okay, get out of here."

Corpus Commander: "Transport, stop loading and power engines. They're close."

Lotus: "A transport is powering its engines."

If a transport escapes

Corpus Commander: "Transport escaped. I'm getting a bonus for sure."

Corpus Commander: "Too slow, Tenno! My transports are getting away."

Lotus: "You need to move faster. Their transports are escaping."

When the last transport begins moving

Corpus Commander: "Get out of here, move."

Corpus Commander: "Go, go, go!"

Lotus: "The last transport is leaving."

If the last transport escapes

Corpus Commander: "[relieved sigh] The last transport just left. Those Tenno will have to try harder next time."

If all transports escape

The mission will fail if the Tenno destroys none of the transports.

Corpus Commander: "Praise the Void. The profits are safe."

Corpus Commander: "The transports are all safe. The profits are safe."

Corpus Commander: "Call the Board, let them know the Tenno have failed… again."

Upon successful mission completion

Lotus: "You're done here. Meet up with your ship."

Lotus: "Rendezvous with your Landing Craft for extraction."

Lotus: "Extraction is ready."

If some transports escaped

Lotus: "Good work. You stopped some of the transports from leaving."

If no transports escaped

Corpus Commander: "They're all destroyed… the Board is going to have my head for this…."

Corpus Commander: "Not… one… escaped? Our profits…. How could you let this happen?"

Lotus: "Excellent. Not one transport escaped."

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