Cephalon Cordylon 18

Originally posted on 10 Nov 2015.

Dhrekr asks: Delicious Cordylon, what is the sound of a cephalon's thoughts? I always assumed it's some sort of humming, but I could be wrong.
Delicious? This is an unusual greeting.

As I am made up almost entirely of data, the list of reasons why oral consumption is not advised is extensive, but I am curious as to what inspired this particular word selection. In ancient times, many less-advanced cultures believed that consuming their enemies would bring them power. Such practice has been proven to bear no satisfactory results – with broad exception given to Technocyte Infestation.

To answer your inquiry: cephalon do not produce audio frequencies when processing information, or 'thinking'.

I also recommend submitting yourself to processing, that you may be properly scanned and… treated for any potential breach of Infestation that may have occurred aboard your Landing Craft. I can assure you, such an investigation would be quite painless.

Ory_Hara asks: Are certain warframes forbidden to be used when browsing your databanks due to potential hazards they could pose to your hardware, like Mag or Volt for example?
Although Mag and Volt are capable of causing extensive damage to electronics, it is not often that Operators mistakenly unleash the power of the Void on their own equipment. Furthermore, due to the sensitive nature of my task it is quite rare for any Operator to interact directly with my databanks. Organic beings lack the finesse to properly navigate such an overwhelming amount of information, which is why cephalon interaction is critical to the success of Tenno operations.

Should physical interaction be even required, such as to relocate my storage facilities, rest assured that my databanks are well protected against electrical surge, magnetic interference, excessive radiation, explosive force, and high-velocity weapons fire.

ColaDeTigre asks: All-knowing Cordylon, who polishes the Void Towers? They look so… shiny. Is there a Corrupted Cleaning Service?
With the vast amount of particles that travel through space, you are correct to assume that Orokin Towers should have significant more wear than they currently display. Many of the functions of these stations are still a mystery to us, as unlocking Orokin technology is a difficult task for even the most adept of the Lotus' agents.

Some have theorised that the Towers use electromagnetic shielding to keep their pristine condition maintained, while others argue that nanomachines may be involved. A far less accepted theory was put forth by a Corpus researcher, suggesting that wounded or malformed Corrupted agents are given the task of maintaining the visual aesthetic of the Towers.

Having never captured any proof that these agents could exist, the current theory has gained notoriety for its quote: "The best janitors go unnoticed."

ZyroHunter asks: I have noticed in the Sealabs that in the Dormitories, there are shower units. If the Grineer troops have such a low lifespan, why keep a shower in the dorms?
Contrary to popular thought, the Grineer do concern themselves with cleanliness when the time is appropriate. Tyl Regor's research likely required disinfectant be applied regularly to any Grineer venturing to or from the lab's research facilities.

There was a brief period of time when Grineer raiding parties would cease bathing entirely, building up an aroma they believed would set fear into their opponents. The results were less successful than predicted when it was discovered that Corpus sensors were keenly adept at picking up certain aromas, and the project was dropped entirely when a particularly foul raiding party were vented into space.

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