Tusk Grineer

The Grineer on the Plains of Eidolon are members of the elite Tusk troopers. Most of the Tusk Grineer are simply versions of the Grineer units found all over the Origin System, but there are a few unique units not found elsewhere, and these have new text in their Codex entries.

Tusk Mortar Bombard

This Bombard's portable, back-mounted mortar allows the Grineer to rain destruction anywhere on the Plains.

Dargyn Pilot

Hardy and quick-thinking, as formidable outside his Dargyn as in.

Plains Commander

One of the faceless Grineer ranks.

Born in a tube, raised among numberless thousands, the typical Grineer trooper dies forgotten. A copy of a copy of a copy, they may not be the pinnacle of evolution, but what they lack in intelligence they make up for in numbers. Occasionally, however, one genetic aberration will prove itself to be superior, and elevated to the rank of Commander.

Recon Commander

Agile and quick-witted, as patient as she is cunning.

The most difficult thing a Grineer sniper will ever have to survive… is testing. With a 98% mortality rate, those that make it through go on to become some of the most feared units in the Grineer forces. The Recon Commander is the cream of this elite batch.

Aerial Commander

A rugged career pilot, bred to survive on the Plains.

Aerial Commanders share a bond with their machines: equal parts mechanic, driver, and soldier. For fast deployment and quick eradication of hostiles, a Skiff team can execute a three-angle assault, raining down hellfire before the enemy knows they're dead.

Tusk Command Dargyn

Armed with a high-velocity rapid-fire cannon, this armoured skiff tears up targets and terrain alike.

Tusk Carabus

Fires a devastating heat ray and self destructs.

Tusk Firbolg

In and out under extreme duress, the Firbolg handles lightning-fast infiltrations/extractions and lazy picket duty with equal aplomb.

Tusk Bolkor

The pride of the Tusk fleet, the Bolkor is the ideal platform from which to mount ground operations. Equipped with a high-capacity rotary cannon, densely plated, and with enough space to carry a platoon, the Bolkor holds its own, raining down fire and dropping squad after squad at regular intervals.

Tusk Ogma

Retrofitted for Plains operations, the Tusk-variant Ogma IDs targets at range, hammers out missile volleys on approach, and finishes the job with a rain of explosives.

Tusk Thumper

Grineer mobile defence platform. Pneumatic groundpounders, high-drop entrances and wide-bore cannons deliver the same simple message: boom.

Tusk Supplies Cache

Dropped in from orbit, the Grineer rely on these caches to stay supplied in the Plains.

Tusk Seeker Drone

Identifies potential threats and calls in reinforcements.

Akkalak Turret

Fires armour-shattering shells at a rapid rate.

Mordda Turret

A long-range battery that fires destructive ordinance.

Vrussh Turret

Launches rockets at hostile targets.

Eidolon Lure

A Grineer device meant to lure in Vomvalysts and trap their energy.

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