Lotus Dialogue: Mirror Defence

Mirror Defence is a variant of Defence available on Tyana Pass, Mars. The Tenno must protect two crystals on different planets, connected by a Void tunnel. … Read More >Lotus Dialogue: Mirror Defence

Corpus Captain Dialogue

Empyrean missions against the Corpus revolve around a capital ship that must eventually be boarded, with multiple secondary objectives that must be fulfilled first. Each capital ship is headed by a Corpus Captain whose transmissions to their soldiers can be overheard during these missions. … Read More >Corpus Captain Dialogue

Cephalon Cy Dialogue: Corpus Missions

Empyrean missions against the Corpus have a number of possible objectives, but much of the dialogue and mission flow is shared across all mission types. Cephalon Cy acts as mission control, as he does during all Empyrean missions. … Read More >Cephalon Cy Dialogue: Corpus Missions