Survival Weekend Event

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30 August 2013 – 03 September 2013

Dispatch from the Lotus

On Thursday, 29 August 2013, the following message was posted:

The Lotus is calling for all available Tenno!

The Lotus is leading a group of Tenno to raid hidden valuable supply caches elsewhere in the sector and needs your help to provide support by distracting enemies.

As your enemies advance they will attempt to cut off life support to the sector by draining the ship's oxygen supply by the second. Fear not; the Lotus will drop supplemental oxygen supplies to buy you time. Enemies also carry personal oxygen supplies that drop as you eliminate them, which will help replenish the sector's oxygen level.

Your objective is to activate oxygen capsules to maintain the sector's oxygen levels for as long as possible. If oxygen levels expire before the first supply cache is raided – or all players die – the mission fails.

Enemies get progressively difficult the longer you survive. Fight your way through three tiers of enemies to obtain rewards; survive even longer to earn Leaderboard status.

Operation and Mechanics

During the weekend, there were three 24-hour alerts titled "Survive or Die". These missions served to test the new Survival game mode. The special alerts were endless Survival missions against the Grineer, Infested, and Corpus. Instead of a set amount of time, Tenno had to survive against increasingly high-levelled enemies before the oxygen ran out, with the longest times recorded on a leaderboard. Survival missions operated almost identically to how they do currently, with the same voice lines from the Lotus. There were no event-specific lines, mechanics, or graphics.


Each Tenno who survived at least 5 minutes in a Survival mission received a Survival Event badge. Tenno who survived at least 10 minutes received the new Equilibrium mod, and Tenno who survived at least 20 minutes received the new Strun Wraith weapon. Gold, silver, and bronze Dojo statues were awarded to the highest-scoring clans in each tier.

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