Saturn fragments


The historically well-travelled merchant shipping lanes of Saturn are now dominated by Grineer blockades. Heavy military influence populates this area where Grineer Commanders believe they have a strategic foothold on travel throughout the System. Under the safeguard of patrolling Galleons, the Grineer ceaselessly train their expanding forces, making the region nigh-impossible to overtake.


While the major warring factions combat each other across the solar system, non-militant organisations and civilian merchants populate the many regional Tenno Relays: travelling merchant collectors that offer rare goods, mentors that offer training and knowledge, and convictional syndicates that preach their own rituals and doctrine.

Landing Craft

Warframe operative insertion craft come in many designs, but they are all commonly classified as short-range stealth aircraft. Fuselage insertion stingers will torpedo the warframe into the hull of the target undetected, and the Landing Craft will re-position at the extraction point. Between engagements, the Landing Craft is latched to its sister component, an Orbiter.

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