Operation: Gargoyle's Cry

18 December 2023 – 15 January 2024


On Wednesday (13 December 2023), Whispers in the Walls was released with Update 35. This quest introduced Albrecht Entrati's hidden laboratories under Deimos, and also introduced the Cavia syndicate. Operation: Gargoyle's Cry was announced to begin in a few days' time, to give players the opportunity to complete the quest first.

On Monday (18 December 2023), the event began with the release of Hotfix 35.0.3 and was set to run for a month. Upon logging in, the Tenno received an inbox message from Fibonacci.

Inbox message:
A Terrible Threat – and a Tremendous Opportunity

Your attention please.

The Murmur threat demands immediate action. Our first order of business must be surveillance. An early detection system lest we be caught sans trousers.

You would agree that a Vigile Jahu Gargoyle installed within each Tenno Dojo is the obvious solution. Not a whisper could be uttered in the System without the connected Dojos overhearing it first.

Your compliance is appreciated. The Jahu Gargoyle awaits you within your Dojo – simply place it as a decoration. The enemy does not hesitate. We must do no less.


Only Tenno who had completed Whispers in the Walls received this message, as quest completion was a prerequisite to participate in the event.

The Vigile Jahu Gargoyle decoration was made available to place in any clan Dojo, though only one Gargoyle could be placed in each Dojo. The Gargoyle was identical to the Jahu Gargoyle seen in Whispers in the Walls, and required 10.000 credits, 5 Stela, 25 Entrati Obols, 25 Necracoils, and 1 Entrati Lanthorn to build (scaling up with higher Clan Tier). It was described as "Install the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle in your Dojo to connect with other Dojos across the System who are helping Fibonacci fight The Murmur."

Once the Jahu Gargoyle was complete, it could be interacted with to trigger a transmission from Fibonacci.

Fibonacci: "Tenno? Can you hear me? Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on the laying of this, the foundation stone of a future both stable and secure. Your Dojo may now connect with others to form a mighty bastion against the Murmur's nullifying and relentless expansion. [pause] What? [stammers] A miscalculation, surely…. [pause] Uh… new plan. The Gargoyle must be re-calibrated, DISCREETLY, as it would appear that, already, something is [nervous laugh] attempting ingress. I only calibrated for egress. Why did I only calibrate for egress? To the labs. To Effervo! Like, now! Quickly, to Effervo! Calm heads, everyone! Calm heads!"

The Operation was primarily focused around Murmur Assassination missions, taking place on the node of Effervo, Deimos.

If the Tenno stood near the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle in the Dojo, Fibonacci would periodically speak from it.

Fibonacci: "Thank you so much for bringing me into your home. You know, it's not quite as squalid as I had feared."

Fibonacci: "One hears stories of demented architects. One does not expect to admire their work first-hand."

Fibonacci: "Um, were you aiming for a sort of… rococo… effect?"

Fibonacci: "Who picked out the colour scheme, and are they wanted for any additional offences?"

Fibonacci: "You should invite some friends to explore this jolly maze you've built. Based on Escher was it?"

Fibonacci: "Why not ask some guests from another Clan over to admire your handiwork? Think how jealous they would be of your Gargoyle."

Fibonacci: "Decluttering. Ever heard of it?"

Fibonacci: "Do please remember that I can see everything that goes on in this Dojo. EVERYTHING."

Fibonacci: "My humble tank is a palace compared to some Dojos I've seen. Real shit holes."

Mechanics and Missions

The mission required the Tenno to run the Murmur Assassination mission at Effervo, Deimos. Either completing the mission as part of an applicable bounty or just the base mission would fulfil the event conditions. During the event, all Murmur Assassination missions also featured a dormant Void Angel, which was marked on the map as an optional objective. 

The Fragmented Envoy had special drops during the event, in addition to its normal drops.

  • The Fragmented Anchorite dropped the Curse of Seeing
  • The Fragmented Suzerain dropped the Curse of Knowing
  • The Fragmented Zelator dropped the Curse of Hearing
  • The Fragmented One dropped 2 of each Curse

On the Steel Path, the Fragmented Envoy would drop two Curses instead of one. Each Curse was described as "This curse contains knowledge that will help Fibonacci prevent enemies from breaking free of The Sanctum. Feed curses to the Jahu Gargoyle in your Clan Dojo to re-calibrate its defensive capabilities." If the Tenno did not defeat the Void Angel before completing the mission, the Void Angel would consume any Curses dropped.

Additionally, the Fragmented also dropped 1 – 3 Grotesque Splinters (3 – 5 on the Steel Path). Grotesque Splinters were the event's currency and were described as "A foreboding fragment of the vast Indifference".

Fibonacci and Bird 3 had unique dialogue during the event, in addition to Fibonacci's normal dialogue during Assassination missions.

Mission start

Fibonacci: "My design is flawed! The Gargoyle in your Dojo has a blind spot. Fell the Angel. Silence the Murmur. Then I may yet… adjust for this oversight."

Fibonacci: "Corrective measures, now! Pluck and de-feather those Void Angels! If you do not leave here with both Plume and Curse, my exceptional error will go forever uncorrected."

Fibonacci: "I neglected to account for Void emergence within my own sphere! An Angel must fall, and the Murmur must be hushed. Both things must happen here, in sequence! Lest our doors be perpetually flung wide to the horrors of the beyond."

Upon waking the Void Angel

Fibonacci: "It is waking up. Un-make it, quickly now! Before my miscalculation takes effect… and draws the attention! Of the Murmur."

Fibonacci: "A simple sequence: Awaken. Pluck. Delete."

When the Angel retreats into the Void

Bird 3: "Mister Fish-o-nah-chee? It flew away! Hey! Chase it. Chase it!"

Bird 3: "They got wings, I got wings, they angels… am I an angel? DON'T PLUCK ME! THEY WENT THATTAWAY! RARK!"

Bird 3: "Ooh that's loud. Well we're loud too! RARK! Go get 'em! RARK! Wuk."

When the Angel deploys Dimensional Orbs

Fibonacci: "A Dimensional Orb! Papa's research anticipated such wonders, though he never witnessed them himself. As a mathematician, I rejoice – as a sane being, I feel my mind folding in on itself while screaming 'destroy it'."

Fibonacci: "The Dimensional Orb protects the Angel. Pass through to destroy it!"

Upon defeating the Void Angel

Fibonacci: "Now that was a scary dream, RIGHT BIRD? You can't see but I'm winking, I don't have eyelids."

Fibonacci: "Bird, a word: you saw nothing. You say nothing… yes?"

Fibonacci: "Bird, distract yourself with your favourite colour and forget what you heard! Good chap."

Fibonacci: "Bird, you saw nothing, remember? Everybody's talking about you, Bird, because everybody knows Bird's as good as his word. Bird? …Bird?"

Fibonacci: "Bird, keep that beak in the OFF position!"

Upon defeating the Fragmented Envoy

Fibonacci: "You must become curse-bearer for my error to be rectified. Seize it. I must compensate for the blind spot."

Fibonacci: "From that curse, I shall glean the knowledge to re-calibrate the Jahu Gargoyle."

Fibonacci: "Grasp that lingering curse and pray no one heard!"


Fibonacci: "Thank you, curse-bearer. The error in my formula is… [clears throat] partly redeemed."

Fibonacci: "Silently, quickly, traverse to your Dojo and feed the Gargoyle!"

Fibonacci: "Curse-bearer, to the Gargoyle in your Dojo. Not a word."

Fibonacci: "Now, a secret shared between… friends, yes? …is a secret made… sacrosanct, yes? I can rely upon your, um, discretion?"

Fibonacci: [sigh] "Bird, should you vow to forget this… oversight… I do solemnly swear to do all in my power to ensure you one day again nest beneath… sky blue."

Fibonacci: "Discretion. Bird. You. Discretion."

Fibonacci: "What happened here, did not happen. Savvy?"


The Curses were used to upgrade the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle, as it served as the trophy for the Operation. Upon being built, the Gargoyle did not have a tier, but it could be upgraded to Terracotta tier by feeding it 2 of each Curse (scaling up with Clan Tier). It could only be upgraded once per week (resetting at the weekly server reset on Sundays); thus Bronze tier could only be achieved after 25 December, Silver tier could only be achieved after 01 January, and Gold tier could only be achieved after 08 January. Upgrading to Bronze tier required 4 of each Curse; Silver, 6; and Gold, 8 (scaling up with Clan Tier).

(upon feeding a Curse to the Gargoyle) Fibonacci: "Ahhh. Recalibrating."

(upon feeding a Curse to the Gargoyle) Fibonacci: "Such exquisite despair."

(upon feeding a Curse to the Gargoyle) Fibonacci: "Mmhh. Delicious, yes."

(upon feeding a Curse to the Gargoyle) Fibonacci: "You are… purged. Go, and become cursed once more."

(upon feeding a Curse to the Gargoyle) Fibonacci: "Is that… all?"

(upon feeding a Curse to the Gargoyle) Fibonacci: "I must have more. Recalibration takes energy, you know."

The Vigile Jahu Gargoyle also served as the event shop for the Operation. Tenno could use their Grotesque Splinters to purchase a number of items, including sigils and glyphs for each of the three Cavia, the Cavia colour palette, and the Gargoyle's Cry emblem. Additionally, items from Operation: Scarlet Spear and Operation: Orphix Venom were available, including the Ceti Lacera blueprint, Basmu blueprint, Ballroom Simulacrum, Gilded/Glyphed/Phased Clan sigils, and an array of Eidolon Arcane enhancements. Finally, the Fluctus Rahk skin and Prominence Wisp Totem were also available.

(upon opening the event shop, variant) Fibonacci: "An error in your favour. I miscalculated the Gargoyle's Cry, but I also miscalculated the value of these items. They're cheap, biped, and they'll stay that way so long as the Sanctum's many ears catch no wind or word. Nod for yes."

(upon opening the event shop, variant) Fibonacci: "Items of value, worth silence in the Sanctum, wouldn't you agree?"

(upon opening the event shop, variant) Fibonacci: "Immeasurably powerful things. Treasures. And they're only for you, so long as you don't puff a word of this in the, uh, Sanctum."

(upon opening the event shop, variant) Fibonacci: "Rewards for your discretion concerning the, um… my miscalculation."

Community progress on defeating the Fragmented envoys was tracked on the World State Window on a meter labelled "Murmur Telemetry Chorus Connectivity". Once the meter reached 100% (on 05 January 2023), the new Krios Signa was made available for purchase in the event shop.


On Monday, 15 January 2024, the event concluded. All participating Tenno received an inbox message from Fibonacci.

Inbox message:
The Cry went up, and did not go unanswered


I was brash – thank you for banishing the Void Angels from the halls beyond the Sanctum. I thought it wiser to detect the Murmur getting out, but the real risk was Void Angels getting in.

Thank you. All of you, from those clans numbering but one, to the mighty coalitions encompassing thousands.

The Gargoyles are aligned. A proverbial net has been strung across the known System. The Angels are repelled. I hear them bellowing even now, in their cheated rage. The Indifference is caged and confined.

Should it break forth in some future time, those who stand against it then will look back on what you did this day and say: they did their part, all of them. And so shall we.

Be proud, Tenno. It is well deserved.


The event shop at the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle statue in the Dojo remained active for another month, until 15 February 2024, to allow the Tenno to spend their Grotesque Splinters after the Operation concluded.

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