One Thousand Cuts

10 March 2016 – 14 March 2016

The Tactical Alert One Thousand Cuts appeared in Hotfix 18.5.6. This was a series of new missions that appeared on Thursday and lasted until Monday.


On Thursday (10 March 2016), the alert became available and was present for the weekend. The Tenno received an inbox message from Teshin.

Inbox message:


I have been watching you fight. Your rifle aims true, your pistols shoot straight, but your blade, your blade has become dull. Like a plow that has turned a thousand fields, you are blind to the edge you have lost.

Perhaps you think I'm wrong? Well, if you have something to prove, gather only your melee weapon and fight the missions chosen for you. These battles will be the whetstone that makes you sharp again.

Succeed and you will be rewarded.


The first mission was a 10-minute Survival on Earth using the Grineer Galleon tileset, against normal Grineer enemies. Only melee weapons could be equipped. Energy was capped at 25, and could not be increased via any means. Only melee-wielding enemies such as Scorpions and Butchers were present, and they were all armed with Machetes instead of their normal weapons. After completing the mission, the Tenno received an inbox message from Teshin containing an Orokin Catalyst blueprint.

Inbox message:

You have only begun to scrape the rust from your sword.

Keep practicing.


The second mission was a Mobile Defence mission on Phobos, on the Grineer Settlement tileset (as was standard for Phobos at the time), against Arid Grineer enemies. As before, only the melee-wielding enemies were present, armed with Machetes, and the Tenno's weapons and energy were restricted as before. Upon completion of the mission, the Tenno received an Orokin Reactor blueprint.

Inbox message:

A sharp blade that misses hasn't cut a thing.

Stay focused.


The third mission was an Assassination mission on Saturn, on the Grineer Asteroid tileset, against Grineer melee enemies, including Scorpions, Powerfists, Bailiffs, and Manics, all armed with Machetes. The Tenno's weapons and energy were restricted as before. The assassination target was a giant Manic. The reward for this mission was a Machete blueprint.

Inbox message:
ONE THOUSAND CUTS: Lesson Complete


Your blade is well-honed. Your strikes cut deep. Take these rewards and use them in your progression so that you may never lose your edge.

I have provided one more challenge. Accept it, if you wish to become the sharpest of all.


After the third mission, a fourth Endurance mission would be available, consisting of another 10-minute Survival on a Grineer Asteroid on Mars, against Grineer melee units, including Bailiffs and Manics. Completing this mission granted the Tenno a Stratos emblem.

Inbox message:

It is evident that you will never stop honing your skill. For you know that a dull blade threatens its owner most of all.

Keep fighting, pupil.


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