The Maker

The end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end.

Previous story quest: Erra

Starting the quest

This mini-quest is accessed from the New War entry in the Codex, after having completed the Chimera Prologue and Erra. The quest consists solely of a cinematic, with no player interaction. Prior to Update 30.3, this cinematic had no title.

First Mission: A Spark

[A massive Sentient ship is shown in deep space, with a ribbed, snakelike body protected by a frame of bifurcated skeletal arches. At the prow of the ship is a large opening, like a mouth, and a bright blue glow emanates from the maw as interstellar medium is sucked inside for the nourishment of the ship. The ship is flanked on each side by a red Murex structure.]

[The scene shifts to inside the ship. The location is the same stage as seen in the Erra quest – a large platform ringed by Sentient fighters and bathed in eerier orange light. Ballas gasps as he pulls at the collar around his throat. Erra yanks the leash, and Ballas stumbles forward a few steps before falling briefly and catching himself. He stands anxiously in a crouched, subservient position. Erra looks at his sister, who is standing alone at the edge of the platform, looking out.]

Erra: "We're ready, Natah."

Natah: "So quiet. So dark."

[Unlike the Erra cinematic, Natah's face is now fully articulated and her mouth moves when she speaks. She looks around at nothing in particular, seeming somewhat confused.]

Erra: "It only needs a voice, a spark."

Natah: "But mother—"

Erra: "Mother's gone! [sigh] This is all that remains. But you have her fire. And more. You can finish what started…."

[Throughout the conversation, Ballas is acting erratically. He constantly switches between looking anxiously at Erra (who ignores him), looking fearfully at Natah, and looking neutral or blank when turned away from either. He appears to focus on Erra when the Sentient is speaking.]

Natah: "Finish the war."

[At this, Ballas grins openly, before catching himself and adopting a more nervous expression, looking away once more.]

Erra: "Bring peace. Bring purity."

[Erra steps back and turns away, gesturing with his free hand to the strange thronelike fixture in the centre of the platform. At the top, contained within a sconce, is a large, orange fire. Smaller, decorative flames dance upon the branching structures from the main column. Natah turns around to face Erra.]

Natah: "On Lua. The Lotus… I… attacked you…."

[She begins floating towards Erra, making eye contact with him for once. Erra seems unsure.]

Erra: "You… remember…."

Natah: "You… died…."

Erra: "Hmm… you don't remember everything, then."

[Erra begins pacing, and yanks Ballas' leash for no apparent reason.]

Erra: "Yes, your aphids wounded me. And our forces were depleting fast. I knew I had failed. Failed you, my sister. Failed our family. I had no choice but to retreat."

[Natah speaks slowly and haltingly, alternating between looking at Erra and looking down, confused.]

Natah: "…No…. You were destroyed. The Tenno made sure of that—"

Erra: "You're still recovering. With all that the Makers did to you, it will take time to heal."

[Erra puts his hand on Natah's shoulder in a comforting gesture. Natah looks quizzically at him, then abruptly looks down at Ballas, crouched near Erra's feet. She appears intensely angry.]

Natah: "He is one of them, isn't he? A Maker."

[Natah points accusingly at Ballas with one of her human-like hands. Ballas looks up at her, terrified. Erra looks down at Ballas, then, with the hand on Natah's shoulder, hurls her at the throne. She slides across the platform and stops before the throne, facing out. Orange energy begins to emanate from her and she opens her mouth to scream silently. As she does, her human face appears to pull away from the Sentient flesh underneath, producing a truly horrifying and uncanny image. She raises her human hands up, towards the sky, as her Sentient arms are extended outwards and down, and her spectral arms simply dangle below.]

Erra: "Finish the war, Natah."

[Erra raises his right hand and drops the leash. Ballas stops crouching and stands up straight for the first time, his body language no longer indicating subservience. Erra and Ballas both look on as Natah, and the flame in the throne behind her, glow brighter and brighter, until the screen fades to white.]

Next story quest: The New War

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  1. I see Chapter 1 Chimera Prologue and Chapter 2 Erra, both marked as Completed. However, even though I view the Chapter 3 clip (a quest with no human interaction that I think involves only viewing the clip) I cannot get Chapter 3 to be marked completed. Does anyone know what I need to do?

    KruncheeKitten says:
    1. Chapter 3 only consists of the cutscene, and does not get marked as Completed. It just stays like that. Rather annoying.

      GrayArchon says:

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