The Kuria are small objects hidden around the Origin System, able to be seen during standard missions. When scanned, they will reveal a line from a poem about the Twin Queens.

A story once lost
Recovered by fate
The tale of two sisters
Who bore the same face

Born one quiet morning
Amidst the great war
All elders were gathered
For this life's new dawn

Confused and bewildered
They judged them amiss
For they never witnessed
Two self-same as these

A mirrored reflection
Had come into life
By will of their father
Kept safe from the knife

Their sameness was shunned
As slave-like and soiled
They tended their strays
Rejected by all

As both girls matured
Their bond grew in depth
They had the same poise
Same senses, same strength

The Uprising came
And spread like a weed
An army of copy-men
Ferocious and free

And much like the sea
They came just like waves
For years they fought on
For years we remained

Like chisel to stone
War moulded the Twins
Who ravaged the hordes
Became legend to them

They had a deep strength
That came from each other
Unlike all these copies
Identical, but not brothers

The copies could see it
They yearned for it too
If the Twins could do it
Perhaps they could too

The Twins had attained
Something more than a whole
A true understanding
Of each other's soul

The copies became believers
One by one bowed to the Twins
And led forth by their new masters
They ravaged the colonies

Now a power to follow
Not a force to be fought
From the ashes of war
The Twin Queens were wrought

As the Tenno uncover more of this poem, they will receive inbox messages from a mysterious individual named Olemedi. Once half the poem is revealed, they will receive a message containing a Kuria emblem.

Inbox message:

So keen are your senses
You have proven your skill
Found most of my Kurias
But some remain still


Once 75% of the poem is revealed, they will receive another message containing a Kuria glyph.

Inbox message:

Inherently driven
Deterred by no risk
Found most of my Kurias
But some remain still


Once the entire poem is revealed, they will receive a final message containing a Kuria statuette as an Orbiter decoration.

Inbox message:

You sought and you found
Relentless indeed
Keep one of the statues
As proof of your deed


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