Den of Kubrow Tactical Alert

Feral Kubrow

After the fall of the Orokin, these former pets were left to fend for themselves. Only the most vicious survived, evolving into deadly pack hunters that now pervade Earth's dense forests. Intensely territorial, the kubrow will attack any creature unlucky enough to cross their path.

Kubrow Den

Fiercely guarded by their owners, the kubrow den is capable of housing an entire pack of the feral creatures. It could be possible that the den is a link to a series of underground chambers, much like a fox or meerkat. Once disturbed, these animals will whip themselves into a frenzy attacking anything they deem a threat.


Thick dermal plates adorn its hide.

Kubrow Egg (item description)

This egg is used to transplant the genetic code of a kubrow onto a kubrow clone.

Raksa Kubrow

Designed by the Orokin to be the perfect companion, a kubrow was never far from its master's side. Loyal and obedient, these creatures made ideal bodyguards. Equipped with shield generators for added protection, their fierce growl could paralyse any attacker with fear.

Sunika Kubrow

Once the value of Orokin guard-pets had been realised, Orokin scientists began experimenting with strains designed for combat. These were no longer household pets, but superior war animals bred for ferocity and aggression.

Sahasa Kubrow

Enterprising Orokin genetic designers recognised that the kubrow's affinity for games of fetch could be used for more serious endeavours. They soon developed a strain adept at reconnaissance and contraband recovery. Tenno often used the creatures to help resupply when in the field.

Huras Kubrow

Prized for its ability to sneak up on unsuspecting prey, the Huras kubrow were first used as hunting companions by the Orokin elite. Orokin Era Tenno soon adapted the strain for use in covert missions and assassinations.

Chesa Kubrow

This kubrow will disarm adversaries and retrieve the spoils of battle.

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