Purge a Massive Ghoul Burial Site

Find and destroy a ghoul burial site before they can wake.

This is one of the four possible bounties that can show up on Konzu's bounty board in Cetus during Operation: Ghoul Purge. This bounty has the Tenno clear a massive burial ground using a grokdrul injector, and always ends with the stage "Purge". Below are the unique dialogue lines that are heard when beginning and ending the bounty, and when running the different stages. The "Resource Theft" stage does not seem to appear in this bounty. All seven possible stages are listed below, but each bounty will have a maximum of four stages.

Bounty Start

Konzu (variant): "Everything I know about these ghouls comes from a Corpus rogue scientist who passed through here some years back. Obsessed with ghouls, he said they pulled secrets out of the ground. Still don't know what he meant by that. Vanished one day, leaving his notes behind. Killer, you deal with these things and I'll share his notes with you."

Konzu (variant): "Lok-heb, just before dawn ghouls took out a hunting party. Not a Grineer in sight, then BAM, out the ground they come. The hunters never stood a chance. Now we're spotting ghouls everywhere. Tenno, kruna-metta, rid the Plains of these monsters."

Lotus: "Konzu's right. These ghouls need to be dealt with immediately. First, we need to find them."


Lotus: "Capture an alpha ghoul for interrogation. They may know the locations of high-concentration graveyards."

(upon arriving at the waypoint) Lotus: "Something makes these ghouls different from other Grineer. I need to know what. Bring me one for study."

(upon completing the stage, variant) Lotus: "Our captive appears non-verbal but that does not mean he has no secrets to share. I'll update you on my progress."

(upon completing the stage, variant) Lotus: "Target captured. Sedating them for transport. Well done."


Lotus: "A prospective ghoul defector was captured trying to warn us about ghoul burial locations. Rescue them so that they may tell us what they know."

(upon arriving at the waypoint) Lotus: "Steel Meridian have identified a ghoul who may be a candidate for defection. Unfortunately, the Grineer have already come to the same conclusion. I need you to rescue this individual before it's too late."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Debriefing the defector now. Keep moving while I process this intel."


Lotus: "Before we can assault ghoul burial sites, we need to hobble their command. Find and eliminate the ghoul alpha near my waypoint."

(upon arriving at the waypoint) Lotus: "Every pack has an alpha. I've identified one. Draw out this ghoul and destroy it."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Alpha eliminated. The ghouls are scattering. We are one step closer to our goal."

Supply Sabotage

Lotus: "The Grineer are attempting to bolster the ghouls with hormone infusers. Intercept these devices and destroy them."

(upon arriving at the waypoint) Lotus: "The Grineer are dropping in growth hormone infusers to speed up ghoul gestation. I've located some of these infusers. Destroy them."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "Well done. Stronger ghouls are the last thing we need."

Cache Recovery

Lotus: "I have detected several supply caches near my waypoint. Empty them before the ghouls do."

(upon arriving at the waypoint) Lotus: "The Grineer have left resource caches for emerging ghouls. Empty them and leave nothing for these beasts."

[no unique dialogue upon completion]

Ghoul Hunt

Lotus: "I need you to take out local concentrations of ghouls before we begin our final assault."

(upon completing the stage) Lotus: "With those smaller burial grounds out of the way, we can better take out the larger ones."


This is always the last stage of the bounty.

Lotus: "The intel you collected has led us to believe that there is a massive ghoul burial site at my waypoint. I need you to wipe it out."

(upon completing the bounty) Konzu: "Ai yo, killer, you put those ghouls right back in the ground… for good this time."

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