Solaris United Agent Dialogue

Solaris United is everywhere, and they are anonymous. Any Solaris civilian could be a part of the movement. Oftentimes, a Tenno will clear a Corpus base of enemies and hijack their communications systems, only to see a Solaris debt-slave stand up and identify themselves as a member of SU, and provide logistical support for Tenno out in the field. In addition, there is a Solaris United agent out on the Orb Vallis who stands next to the elevator to Fortuna, so that the Tenno may contact Eudico for a new mission without travelling back down to the city. It is this widespread and invisible network that allows Eudico and Solaris United to project their influence across all of Nef Anyo's Venusian domain.

Solaris United agents allow the Tenno to select Bounties on the Orb Vallis, which are coordinated by Eudico as usual.

Idle quotes

"Base locked down, comms up. Now, no time for a break, Eudico's got more work for you."

Viewing bounties

"Pick a run, and I'll patch you through."

"Always fancied a life of action, me. 'Cept, y'know, an old injury. And an aversion to having a cauterised hole blown through me parts."

"Lovely day for a little commerce."

"Weather like this, I do not miss my organics. So, uh, what do you need?"

"You see something you wanna tackle? I'll get Eudico on the blower."

Declining a bounty

"I'm sure you have your reasons."

"Wasn't expecting that, when you're normally so… y'know… 'pew pew pew!'"

"Sure, sure, Tenno business. Don't let me keep ya."

"Uh, well, that's disappointing."

"Signing off."

"Have a better one."

"Eh, copy that. See you next time."

When the Tenno reaches Old Mate rank

"Hoo! And THIS is WHY we get our bits replaced! Hoo. Look, I'm not a fighter, me. Got a family, but a dad's gotta do what's right for his kids. Give 'em a different future. So I'll keep standin' here in the freezing cold, just as long as you need me. You give 'em hell, Outworlder."

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